Plain or lined

Although I like plain notebooks and memo pads and have rarely bought lined notebooks and memo pads especially since I got to know the concept of mind map about five years ago, recently I am beginning to think it may be comfortable to use square lined notebooks and memo pads.


Empty science

I can't believe those who don't have a strong will to establish their independence can get the ability to think scientifically.



A few days ago, I got an e-mail from one of my clients, which included attachment files of screen captures and told me how to use the pictures. Unfortunately how many times I read the mail again I couldn't understand what it says, so I made a telephone call to the client. But even talking over the telephone, I couldn't get his idea. After all, he made an example of how to use the picture files and send me it, and at last I understood what he wanted to say. After a while, I made out why I had not been able to understand him. He used the word "cut" in the meaning as "cut and paste." I thought of only the meaning of "delete."


Combination and creation of frames

Beyond gaining the ability to grasp the frames of things and balance my body motions, and the outcomes of my body motions, with the frames, I may gain the ability to combine and pile up plural frames of various scales and dimensions, and even create the frames.



Today at the municipal office, filling in many application forms, I noticed that the size and position of the postcode numbers which I had written were unbalanced against the frames. Suddenly I thought that was an expression of one of my fundamental defects; I was so bad at grasping the frames of things and balancing my body motions, and the outcomes of my body motions, with the frames. I thought this held true of my use of time, room, space, and everything. I also thought that the defect was very deep-rooted to get rid of, but if I could resolve this defect, my performances might improve dramatically.


Find almost no word

I can find almost no word to explain about what I experienced in my family as I grew up because I have seen no family like mine in my acquaintances, in any biography, nor even in any fiction.


Slowly and deeply

Sometime I want to let me believe that the reason my reading and thinking are so slow is because my reading and thinking are so deep.


Hardened brain

When I read books which call for dynamism of mind, I feel keenly that various areas of my brain have sadly hardened.


Love for money

Those who criticize wealthy people for having too much desire for money seems to me not to be aware that there are various objects, dimensions, and levels of loving money like there are various objects, dimensions, and levels of loving a person. Probably a billionaire loves money quite differently from a poor man like there is a great difference between the word "love" which an adult says and that which a child says.



The level of my ability to use English is still almost like the level of ability of those who can't go forward in a swimming pool without always keeping either of their feet to the bottom.


Scientific and unscientific

It should be a subject of scientific pedagogy that whether collectively or individually those who keep their perceptual attitude strictly scientific often display their ability far less fully than those who adopt completely unscientific perceptual attitude.


Difficult case again

Today I visit a precision machine manufacturer in Hamura city, Tokyo, to interview its IT stuff for an advertisement article of an IT tool. Contrary to prior information, it revealed that they were not fully using the IT tool yet because of opposition from users. Again, it was a difficult case to utilize for advertisement.


A hypothesis

One thing which I think hypothetically about the difference between the pictures shot by Leica cameras and those shot by the other cameras is that after seeing many pictures shot by Leicas I feel in pictures shot by cameras other than Leicas some unnaturalness which I don't feel in pictures shot by Leicas. We see the three-dimensional real world through the spherical eyes. So in pictures the real world is by nature distorted. I guess in cameras other than Leicas the distortion is unnaturally corrected.



Although I am a user of Nikon cameras since I was a schoolboy, recently I am fascinated by pictures shot by Leica cameras. Pictures shot by Leicas have something completely different from those shot by other cameras, which I can't explain in words.


Still only superficially

Recently I feel that the joints of my bones are still loosened only superficially. I want to loosen them from more inner points.


Impressed alone

When I am deeply impressed by a point in a book I can rarely think of someone who can share the deep impression with me.


Spent hours

Today I spent hours grasping the reasons why I could not grasp what a document said, and thinking out the questions to the writer of the document to clarify the points which I could not grasp.


Usual is unusual

It is not a usual thing that words which are written by usual people have nothing that is not usual. It is an unusual ability to write usually.


Drank a toast

This evening I drank a toast alone with cheap wine packed in a paper carton in celebration of finishing writing an interview article which was very difficult.



As a rule I consider other people's praise to me in the first place to be just an insincere compliment, a sarcasm, or an introduction of abuse. The only positive estimate that I can believe to be sincere is a repeat of order for my work.


Unethical client

One of the important reason I continue to work as a customer story producer is that a customer story is the most ethical method of advertisement. So I don't want to undertake a job offered by a company which does not hesitate to distort the remarks by its customers in favor of itself.


Break the record?

Since a few months ago at train stations a poster has been put up which intends to exterminate the violence to the station staff. The poster visualizes the increase of the violence to the station staff by a graph using an illustration of bumps on the head of a station staff. Although what the graph intends is clear, it can also be interpreted as inciting people to break the record of the violence incidents to the station staff.


Latent trouble

I believe that the troubles which are avoided by adopting the assumption that not being expressed in words is equivalent to not existing will someday return getting still more troublesome.


The worst defense

Although good offense is said to be the best defense it is not uncommon that offense has just the opposite effect as defense. Those who are good at offense often have this kind of opposite effect when defense is necessary.


Prettiness as a specification

Yesterday I bought a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, Nikon 1 J4 white, and a single focal length lens, 1 NIKKOR 18.5mm f/1.8 of the same color, to shoot portrait pictures of my interviewees. Last August I bought a full-frame digital SLR camera, Nikon D800, and the highest-class zoom lens, Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G, for the same purpose. They have been portraying great pictures, but I found that they sometimes make my interviewees too strained by their imposing appearance. As a producer of publicity articles I am expected to shoot a contented smile of my interviewees. So I looked for a camera which looked pretty and produced images with greater clearness. The white pair of Nikon 1 J4 and 1 NIKKOR 18.5mm f/1.8 most met the demand of all the cameras that I had checked.

Shot by Nikon D300 + AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G

Shot by Nikon 1 J4 +  1 NIKKOR 18.5mm f/1.8

Failed to continue

Since November 4, 2008, I had kept writing this diary for 2,192 consecutive days until the day before yesterday, but I failed to write yesterday. Last evening I took a nap before midnight to write yesterday's entry and I woke up to find it was 4 a.m.


Halfway permission

The other day I had an interview with an old lady, who had beforehand said she hated to have her photograph taken, although she had not refused to have her photograph taken. As an interviewer and photographer I had a hard time. I made up my mind not to permit something while saying I hated it.


Almost no progress

Sad to say for years practically I have made almost no progress which is useful enough for other people to pay more reward.



Vulgarness accompanied by no talkativeness nor activeness would seldom offend the ear and the eye.


As if undergoing rehabilitation

Practicing martial arts I sometimes feel as if I was a patient undergoing rehabilitation with limbs paralyzed because my body parts disregard my intention too much.