Resolving power of my eyes

Recently the views around me look for me like videos or pictures taken using the latest high‐performance cameras. The videos or pictures taken using the latest high‐performance cameras may be affecting my visual sensation. Or the improvement in resolving power of my eyes make me take notice of the videos or pictures taken using the latest high‐performance cameras.


See no evil

Because it is too difficult for me to do to look at the realities at which I don't want to look, I just want to keep looking at the reality that it is too difficult for me to do to look at the realities at which I don't want to look.


A keen eye in vain

Looking at thousands of high-quality photographs using google image search in order to improve my skill of taking photographs of my interviewees I have got so keen an eye for performance of cameras and lenses that no cameras and lenses but the flagship models of the first-class manufacturers which I can never afford satisfies me with gracefulness of pictures they produce.


Size of capital

It seems to me insult to earnest efforts in business to conclude small capital is always conquered by big capital. Such conclusion overlooks such an aspect that the size of capital is the effect of the excellence of business idea and management as well as the cause of them.


Water sprinkling effect

Today until early afternoon the sun shone so scorchingly that the surface of the road my house faces got so heated that I could get the sole of my feet burned. Late afternoon a sudden shower fell, and the temperature dropped in no time. I felt the power of the heat of vaporization.


Chapped palm in summer

While as intense heat as the risk of heat stroke is warned has continued day after day, I got chapped palm only on one hand.


Walked barefoot on a sunbaked road

In order to revitalize my brain, I take as much opportunity of walking barefoot on a sunbaked road in summer as possible. Today as it was very fine and I could be at home in the daytime, I could get the opportunity for the first time this year. I got almost the sole of my feet burned. As my brain was revitalized, I made good progress in my works this afternoon.


Felt relieved

I felt relieved I could deliver this morning a manuscript which I had had a hard time writing for a week.



Today when I was on a train of the Odakyu line, hearing the conversation of the young women standing near me, I noticed that they were graduates of the same high school as mine. The tempo and contents of their conversation strangely made me feel comfortable, as if I met after a long time people who spoke the same language as me.


Hornets' nest

This morning when I put the trash out to the garbage station, I was called to stop by the old woman next door. She told me that she had had a hornets' nest removed from the outer wall of her house yesterday, and the worker had pointed out that my house also had a hornets' nest under an eave of it. She said that the worker had told her that the municipal authorities bore the expense to remove a hornets' nest. As she told me, I found a hornets' nest as large as a melon under an eave of my house. Immediately I called the city office and requested its removal. Within a couple of hours a worker came and removed it.


Cut my thumb

This morning when I did the dishes in the kitchen at home, a ceramic shallow bowl I was washing suddenly split into two, and I cut the back of the first knuckle joint of my left thumb with the a broken piece of it. Although it bled heavily a moment, soon the bleeding stopped, and I could write an article the deadline of which was tomorrow without any trouble.


Fraud mail

Last week I received e-mail messages which pretended to be sent from an famous Japanese male singer to his manager to ask for an advice about his financial difficulties and discord with his wife. At first I thought it was possible that those messages were actually sent from the singer, because the addressed manager's name was happen to be the same as an acquaintance of mine. At fourth or fifth message it became clear that those messages were sent intending to implicate softhearted people in same crime.


No wine snobs

I avoid as much as possible eating at the same table with those who show off their stock knowledge about wine without being asked to do so and attending parties where such people act important.


Regained a hope

Recently I regained at length a hope for the possibility to develop my own body and thereby to develop my abilities. I also lifted the level of my expectation for the speed of my progress.


Went to Kashiwa city

Today I visited a juku, or cram school, in Kashiwa city, Chiba prefecture, to have an interview with its owner. As I left the cram school, I left my card case behind. I caused my client trouble to pick it up and send me.


Went to Maebashi

After a long interval I was requested to produce work manuals of a company in Maebashi city, Gunma prefecture. Today I visited the company to take movie of the works in the company. I went to Maebashi by train, and come back from Maebashi to Shinjuku by bus. I got the high-way bus from Maebashi till a few passengers got on the bus from Takasaki.


Showa-era train

In Chiba prefecture, there is a railroad company which features diesel railcars manufactured 50 years ago. I don't feel like visiting this railroad to get on a diesel railcar of the Showa era. But if there were a railroad company where I can get on a Showa-era coach which a locomotive pulls, I would visit it again and again.


Fruitless efforts

I feel vain when I feel I am making efforts like tackling with questions of differential and integral calculus without even understanding the concept of linear function.


Bought high-capacity batteries for a camcorder

I am planning a new business which uses long time video-shooting. I bought four packs of high-capacity batteries for it. I found one of four packs was unchargeable. The store from which I had bought the battery packs agreed to exchange the bad one for a new one.


Reading again business books

Recently I am reading again the business books which I read a couple years ago. These books teach me why I couldn't succeed in business much more clearly than when I first read them. And these book also give me a hope that I can succeed this time.


After all not serious at all

The typhoon which had been forecast to possibility do great damage to my region passed before dawn leaving almost no serious damage. It was very fine in the daytime today. I did my washing and cleaning which I couldn't for a couple of days.


Both wind and rain not yet serious

A super typhoon is forecasted to pass my region tonight, but the wind and rain is not yet serious. Strangely at my municipality Zama no weather warning is issued while at all the municipalities around Zama weather warnings are issued.


Super typhoon coming

To learn English I listen to news programs in USA on Podcast everyday. Today I was surprised to hear news on NPR news about a super typhoon which was passing over Okinawa and heading for the region where I live. It seems I need to take much more precautions against this typhoon than usual ones.



Today I had an interview with a businessman who had made me tense by sending me a reply which remarkably misses the point of my prior questions. Fortunately his face-to-face replies were perfectly coherent and the interview succeeded.


Incoherent answers

I get tense when the interviewee whom I am going to have an interview with send me a reply which remarkably misses the point of questions which I sent to the interviewee because there is every possibility that the interview will be incoherent.


The contact was bad

I found out why my mobile Wi-Fi router had once become incapable of turning on and become capable of turning on again yesterday. The contact between the battery charging cable and its plug was bad. The battery was merely uncharged.


Mobile Wi-Fi router revive

A couple of day ago I ordered my second mobile Wi-Fi router L-09C, secondhand at Amazon, because my first L-09C became incapable of turning on. It reached me today. After I turned on the new one, I tried to turn on the first one again. This time the first one also turned on. Now I got perfect redundancy of the two mobile Wi-Fi routers of same model and three battery packs for them.


Brain overtaxed

When I take photographs for interview articles for advertisement I have so many points to notice that my brain is very overtaxed.


Song lyrics the real background world of which I am aware I don't grasp at all

There is a kind of song lyrics the linguistic meaning of which I can fully understand and the phonetic impression of which I like very much, but at the same time the real background experiential and spiritual world of which I fully notice I don't grasp at all, represented by the lyrics of Japanese pop singer Hitoto Yō's songs for me.


Mobile Wi-Fi router dead

My mobile Wi-Fi router L-09C which I bought 2 year ago became incapable of turning on yesterday. I had just bought a battery pack for the mobile router last week.  What terrible timing!


How to fall behind the times

Sometimes I read on Twitter what people who think the world is getting worse are saying, for two purposes; one is to view and check my basically optimistic way of thinking objectively by comparing with their pessimistic way of thinking, and the other is to learn by what way of thinking people fall behind the times.