Business deserves to be grappled with

I like the saying "Mind your own business" very much. I believe that there are a group of sins which those who don't devote themselves to their own business tend to commit. Business deserves to be grappled with even just for the sake of avoidance of this kind of sins.


Unjust and discontent

Those who can distinguish unjust from discontent deserve to be respected just because they can distinguish them.



Today a display of fireworks was held at the U.S. army's camp in my  neighborhood, but for some unknown reason this time I was not in the mood to go to see it.


Irrational work

When I become aware that my emotion works irrationally, I observe how my emotion works and notice that my emotion's irrational work as a whole consists of plural works of emotion which are rational in themselves. Probably that holds true for every irrationality.


Changed PCs' login password

A couple years ago I was advised by one of my clients to set my PCs' login password to be my ideal self-image because a phrase which I typed every day again and again would be deeply engraved on my mind and thereby realized itself. I have taken the advice since then. Recently I changed my PCs' login password to be more concrete one than the previous one.


Bad breath

Today at a coffee shop I was surprised at a dreadfully bad smell coming from a man seemingly in his fifties seated next to me. That was clearly his bad breath. A bad breath which  spread as far as to the next seat! Immediately I covered my mouth with my hands to make sure whether I had bad not breath. I was shocked to scent a slight smell which was similar to the smell coming from that man.


Knees tenser

I have been making efforts for years to remove the body awareness which always tense the front part of my knees in vain independently of my will, and the progress is irritatingly slow.


Truth and falsehood change places with each other

Every statement's truth and falsehood change places with each other depending on conditions. The statement "The surface of the water is spherical" is true if it is applied to the surface of the Pacific Ocean, and false if it is applied to the surface of water in a washbowl. Unfortunately few people take care of when and how the truth and falsehood change places with each other concerning any statement.



I wonder why so many people, often older than me, can swallow the story which one side of those involved in a matter  tell without hearing what people of the other side say.


Shame of being able to be aware of other people's feeling

I can't forget and sometimes remember a Japanese novelist HASHIMOTO Osamu's statement which I read when I was a student that men have an aspect of feeling ashamed of being able to be aware of what other people feel. It was not until I read the statement I became aware that I had such sense of shame and I have read no other writer than HASHIMOTO write such thing. I guess few men are aware of their having such sense of shame, and the lack of self-awareness limits of the performance of mind of most men.


From a viewpoint far backward

It occurred to me that it could be a measure to overcome my weakness in strategic thinking to try to see myself from a viewpoint as far backward as possible.


Went to Fukui

This afternoon I visited a real estate agent in Fukui city, Fukui Prefecture, to have interview for a publicity article of a real estate company. Before the interview I entered a restaurant which was famous for sauce katsudon, or pork cutlet with Worcestershire sauce on top of a bowl of rice, and ate sauce katsu lunch. After the interview I was entertained with another local specialty of Fukui, oroshi soba, or chilled soba noodles served with grated radish, at a teahouse on near the summit of Asuwayama mountain. I was surprised by the sweet sobayu, or the water in which the noodles had been cooked and were poured into the leftover tsuyu, or sauce.


Make friends with figures

I felt depressed when I thought I had to overcome my weakness of strategic and numerical thinking, so I decided to be on friendly terms with figures, then my heart was relieved.


Reading books

Because recently I am relatively less busy, I am reading books which make me aware of my weak points.


Timetable enthusiast

When I am assigned to an interview job which involves business trip I spend hours checking over timetables to find out the most inexpensive and pleasant route.


Popular explanations

Explanations of what capitalism is like given by those who hardly understand economics tend to be supported by the mass of the people than explanations given by those who properly understand it. This is like the heliocentric theory suits human sense much more than the geocentric theory.


Delicate sensibilities

It seems to me that those who have delicate sensibilities about their own body have also have delicate sensibilities about the organization and society to which they belong.


Odakyu 7000 series in active service

Today on my way home from visit to my family in hospital in Abiko city, Chiba prefecture, I saw Odakyu 7000 series passing a station and thought "Well, from how many years ago have the trains of the series been running?" I remembered I had admired their great shape when I was a junior high school student. I checked Wikipedia and knew they make their debut 1980. It is amazing that the trains of over 30 years old remain in active service for limited express.


Rapid-service train Mie

Today I visited two real estate agents in Tsu city and Matsusaka city, both in Mie Prefecture, to have interview for a publicity article of a real estate company in Tokyo. On my outward journey from Nagoya I used Kintetsu line, while on my homeward journey to Nagoya I used JR line. The acceleration of the diesel railcars of JR rapid-service train Mie was great, but Mie stops so frequently at stations for up and down trains to pass each other that even passengers of old women said "It's not a rapid-service but a slow train."


Hardened body parts

When I struggle to loosen hardened parts of my body I am always made to realize that my brain parts which correspond to my hardened body parts  are also hardened and have bad influences on my whole brain.


Light trails

To watch fireflies flying I went to the prefectural park in my neighborhood after sunset. At several spots I enjoyed seeing five to six fireflies dance leaving light trails.


Bold sparrows

At today's lunch break when I was eating a loaf of bread sitting on a bench in a park, several sparrows plunged close to my mouth to make me drop the bread, and sit on my lap with a hungry look. I was surprised because sparrows used to be too timid to dare to take such actions.


Well-ordered writing and precise thinking

One of the misunderstandings I had had until recently is that those who are capable of well-ordered writing are also capable of precise thinking.


An eloquence

There is a type of eloquence which it is unsuitable for the leader to show. It seems alarming that the president of a superpower often shows this type of eloquence.


Natural laws rule me too

I noticed that I had not been aware enough that such laws as were inquired in natural and social sciences rule me too and the fact that such laws ruled me gave me a great hope because by recognizing and utilizing such laws I could change myself as I wish.


Use of emotions

One of the things about which I feel sorry for myself recently is that I have tried to control my emotions so much that I am very bad at making good use of emotions of people and myself.


Ultimate face-to-face sales

I read today the president of a Japanese major internet shopping mall operator say "E-commerce is the ultimate face-to-face sales." That is an interesting insight. As the proverb says extremes meet. I thought I would keep it in mind to make visitors' experience as like face-to-face shopping as possible when I produced e-commerce sites or contents.


Easy and ordinary things I am unable to do

Every time I read Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" (translated into Japanese by YAMAGUCHI Hiroshi) I am shocked to notice how easy and ordinary things I am unable to do and thereby alienated from my clients and acquaintances.


Trust to me myself and to my performance

I seem to be far less eager to make myself trustworthy for people than to prevent my clients' trust to my performance from being spoiled.


Picture heights to the brain

After I read about the difference between the ways of seeing pictures of men and women, I noticed that I had not seen high buildings simultaneously as a whole but seen them floor by floor. I had not pictured high buildings to my brain as a whole. Trying to picture high buildings to my brain as a whole, I felt my brain troubled with the inexperienced task.