Reading a book about how to photograph merchandise

I am reading a book about how to photograph merchandise. In this book it was written that photographs which were targeting male and female needed to be taken differently, because men tended to  concentrate their attention to one thing while women tended to grasp plural things simultaneously. The difference between two photographs of bread on a table given as an example was very impressive and persuasive to me. I thought it could explain why some women write so incoherent and unfocused sentences.


Fireflies not yet

Today I went to the prefectural park in my neighborhood after sunset hoping I could see newly emerged fireflies flying, but I could see none.


Many things not yet done

Because I have many things I have to do and I have not yet done I can get angry with nobody who has something to do and has not yet done.


Stayers at Shinjuku station

 Today I passed Shinjuku terminal after 11 p.m. I was surprised at the number of people who were lying on the floor of the concourse wrapping themselves up in a blue seat or corrugated paper and seemed to spend a night there.


Thinking it's a training

Although the resolving power of my compact digital camera Fujifilm Finepix F200EXR, on sale 2009, is far less satisfying compared with that of the latest cameras, I have decided to think that in order to improve my sense of photography and skills of retouching it is better to use a camera of poorer resolution than those of excellent resolution.


Image of happiness which the success of diet brings

I may be ordered to produce a advertisement video clip of a diet food next month. I am thinking of how the image of happiness which the success of diet brings can be represented by motion pictures.


A phenomenon which onions bring to me

Whenever I eat foods which contain pieces of onion I lay afterward a fart which smells very nasty. Does the phenomenon have any individual variation?


Release the shutter as often as I can

To improve photographic sense I begun to carry my compact digital camera on me and release the shutter as often as I can.


Bad at livening up conversation

Although as an interviewer I am not good at livening up talk of interviewees, I want to believe that I can compensate for the weak point by carefully thought‐out questions to make the talk of interviewees convincing.


Writing, or lighting?

Because in Japanese "writing" and "lighting" are pronounced in the completely same way those who are writer as well as photographer like me can't judge which is mentioned hearing either of the two words in Japanese.



Whether it is writing or photography I always find in my work some amateurishness I cannot overcome however much effort I make.


Seated on a sofa sitting up straight with evident seriousness, smiling with evident satisfaction

One of the difficult things for producers of an advertisement article of a product or a service which is made up of an interview with office workers as users of the product or service is to have the interviewees, when taken photographs, be seated on a sofa having posture suitable for office workers, and, at the same time, smile pleasantly with evident satisfaction with the product or service.


The bias of viewpoint from which I had been aware of my spinal column

I noticed today that when I was aware of my spinal column I had been aware of it from a viewpoint which was off to the right or left side for some unknown reason instead of one from which I look at it squarely, and the bias of viewpoint from which I had been aware of my spinal column had distorted my various body motions.


Excessive attention to " the truth"

It is not unusual for people to ruin their own life by giving excessive attention to "the truth that has been hidden." Most of aspects of the world which have been beneath one's notice have been so because they are not important for his or her own life. Although it is "true" that a road along which one is driving a car has railings on each side, he or she runs into railings if he or she drives  looking at only railings.


Sudden view to far away

I often have such an experience that walking down a street which I have walked down a number of times suddenly I get an unobstructed view to far away.


Walnuts out of stock

I am very fond of nuts and always have a few bags of almonds, cashew nuts, and walnuts available at my kitchen. Since a few weeks ago every time I see walnuts' corner of shelves of grocery stores I find it empty. I have thought that they had had a poor crop of walnuts. But today I found an indication at the corner of walnuts in a co-op store I patronized that said they had run short of walnuts because of an TV program which was broadcast last month. TV has still astonishing influence.


Receipt notification

I heard that a famous Japanese journalist would never accept again request of contribution from publishers which had not let him know within the day he sent the manuscript that the manuscript were received. If I imitated him, I would have to reject offer from nine out of ten clients of mine.


Learning photographic lighting

Recently I am learning photographic lighting. When I see advertisements with photograph, I can't help thinking how the objects were lit.

Self-portrait shot yesterday using a clip-on flash and au umbrella reflector.


Fast concluders

As it takes a certain time to move physically from a point of view to another, so it takes a certain time to change point of view in one's mind from his or her own to another's. The shortness of time which it takes for one to reach the conclusion often reflect the insufficiency of number of people in whose place he or she has put himself or herself before he or she comes to the conclusion.


Money wasted for cheap photo accessories

As of photo accessories I have wasted my money for cheap products like a tripod which was easily damaged, an air blower which was too small to blow dust away, a strobo diffuser which took too long a time to assemble at the scene of interview, and so on.


Center of the shin bones

I want to be able to stand more naturally. To be able to stand more naturally, I want to be able to have my shin bones support my whole body weight. To be able to have my shin bones support my whole body weight, I want to be able to be aware of the center of my shin bone.


The antonym of "make money"

In full awareness of how wild an argument it is, sometimes I want to assert that the antonym of "make money" is "make excuse."


Explanations by word of mouth

It is mysterious why explanations which are clearly incoherent when written down are often convincing when told by word of mouth.



I sell homemade DVDs at my Web site. Today I knew that an old woman ordered a DVD on my Web site but couldn't get it last February. I checked my mailer and couldn't find her name. I received the same kind of complaint last month, and the sender was also a woman, and probably an old. I guess the two woman mistook the confirmation screen for the order completion screen. I have to improve the explanation of my Web site.


Human Capital excluders

Today I took part in a reding circle where we read Thomas Piketty's "Capital in the Twenty-First Century" translated by Arthur Goldhammer. I thought it was probable that a set of economists who were eager to exclude Human Capital from the concept of Capital overlaps considerably with another set of economists who were eager to criticize the inequality from the point of view of labor hours and earnings.



Whether it is an article or a video, I can't stop finishing an outcome which I was ordered to produce until it reaches an level which surprises the producer myself.


The way to the nearest station

In the morning the wind usually blows from the direction of the nearest station to my house, while in the evening the wind usually blows from the direction of my house to the station, so I often have to walk against the wind, and sometimes feel as if the wind makes intentionally trouble for me.


Hairs from ear holes

Since I bought an electric hair clipper and begun to cut my hair myself instead of going to barbershops, hairs grow out of my ear holes if I don't cut them myself using scissors at times.


An illuminated signboard at the concourse of the world's busiest commuter station

Today I passed through the Shinjuku, the world's busiest commuter station, and saw at its concourse a number of illuminated signboards of an apparatus which was claimed to prevent rust in a water pipe. I accessed the website of the company company which developed and sold the apparatus, and read their explanation how the apparatus prevented rust in a water pipe. I could not understand their explanation at all.


Seeing flowers

It was fine weather today. In the afternoon I went to the prefectural park in my neighborhood and did my writing job there. Recently I feel glad from the bottom of my body to see plants blooming.


Prefectural park

Today toward evening after a day's work I went to a prefectural park in my neighborhood and sit on a bench near a pond to sleep. After a while I woke up and thought I was lucky enough to enjoy such a beautiful environment.