Lifelike recording

Last week I bought a couple of music files which had been recorded during last a few years. The sound recorded in those files were really lifelike. Has there been as great progress in recording technology of microphones as in photographing technology of cameras?


Economics makes history more absorbing

William Hardy McNeill's "The Pursuit of Power: Technology, Armed Force, and Society since A.D. 1000" is so absorbing that I am drawing lines to almost every paragraph in this book. What I learned last year from Nicholas Gregory Mankiw's economics textbooks makes me even keener to McNeill's investigations and arguments.


Advocate of success principles

One of the risks which accompany being an advocate of any success principle is that being prone to wish those who don't obey the success principle to fail.


Relieving idea

The idea that some of the cells which make up my body always try to come up to my expectation relieves me from despair over my awkward physical performance.


Set my hope on minority cells

I noticed yesterday that I could hope there were a few cells which tried to meet my expectation even among cells which made up my organ which did not seem to try to obey my will almost at all.


Can't express in words

If there were a man who could perceive the universe only through language he would think there were nothing in the universe that he couldn't express in words. Although there is no such a man, there seem to be many ones like such a man.


Performance beyond imagination

The performances of the gadgets of these days far exceed what I imagined as a child. Or rather I couldn't imagine as a child the directions in which the performances of the gadgets of these days are progressing.


Headline and subheads

It is one of the rules which I compel myself to obey when I write a publicity article to make it possible for the readers to grasp the point only by reading the headline and subheads.


General meeting

Today the general meeting of my neighborhood association was held at its assembly hall which had been recently repaired. I entered the assembly hall for the first time since it was repaired. The floor boards which used to dent when stepped on were replaced by firm and glossy ones like those of a gymnasium. The meeting proceeded with no serious complications. I was impressed with a woman who pointed out precisely an error in settlement of accounts and a man who blocked au unproductive question suitably.


Examination of one's own examination

There seems to be an ease of mind which only those who have the faculty of examining their own faculty of examining objects can give to other people.


Undemocratic tactics

It is not unusual that the tactics which those who criticize the tactics adopted by politicians whom they dislike as being undemocratic think should be adopted to realize their political ideals are undemocratic.


The charm only the responsible have

It depends on each one what ratio of responsibility between he or she and the others or the society he or she thinks he or she has to make himself or herself happy and the more responsibility he or she thinks he or she has to make himself or herself happy the more attractive he or she is to me.


Minutes fly

As I have started to use a smart phone application to record how I am spending time, I feel all the more keenly the fact there are only 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day.


Begun to read "The Pursuit of Power"

I begun to read William Hardy McNeill's "The Pursuit of Power: Technology, Armed Force, and Society since A.D. 1000" (Japanese edition, "SENSOH NO SEKAISHI" translated by TAKAHASHI Hitoshi). I was absorbed from the preface. The author's viewpoint to pay attention to the similarity between the parasitism to men by disease germs and by other men, especially the similarity between the effects of "new mutation or penetration of a new geographical environment" of microorganism level and human society level, is very interesting.


Oversight of inconsistency

I have thought it to be one of my good points that when I interview someone I try to believe first of all what the interviewees say is right and proper even if I cannot understand what they say but perhaps it may also be my weak point because I often fail to notice inconsistencies in their testimony because of the belief.



It is disgusting to hear those who has required the government to adopt policies to obstruct creation of businesses which can generate employment require the government to adopt policies to generate employment.


Political opinions of musicians

Musicians who fascinate me by their works often disgust me by their opinions about politics and economy. The ability to create fascinating music largely depends on sensibility to emotion of individuals. To grasp political or economic issues correctly, one needs viewpoints to stand aloof from emotion of individuals.


Went to Nara

Commissioned to produce a publicity article of a software development company, today I visited one of its clients, a local bank's training institute located in Nara city. The staff of the institute answered my interview very kindly. On my way home, I visited the Daibutsu of Tōdai-ji.


Magic of recording

I have been keeping household accounts with PC for 14 years. Just entering daily expenses into household account software, even without adding up monthly or yearly expenses,  I can sincerely feel I should avoid wasting money. But if I entered daily expenses into a mere memo pad, I could not examine so strictly my own way of spending money. It should be important to put data into a state which can be totaled and analyze. Yesterday I began to use a behavior recording application which ran on iPod touch, expecting I could reduce waste of time by the same principle.


Pedaling speeds up

As it gets warmer, my mood becomes positive. On my way to and from the supermarket, pedaling of bicycle speeds up naturally because the head wind is not so chilly.



Comparing language to wireworks I recently thought that leaning a language, especially spoken language, was like simultaneously leaning what the shapes of wireworks mean and cultivating the soil which accepts the wireworks. I imagine a lump of clay to which bury wireworks.


Rather in rivalry than in tune

When I wrote here yesterday that in spoken English possibly a helical structure may make a speaker's voice of every moment in tune with that of subseconds before, I had a hesitancy. I felt that the expression was not accurate enough. I should have rather written like "a helical structure that makes their voice of every moment confronted against that of subseconds before and thereby create energy."


Helical structure on the plane of body awareness

Listening news programs in English on internet yesterday I hit on a hypothesis that in spoken English speakers make unconsciously a helical structure that makes their voice of every moment in tune with that of subseconds before on the plane of body awareness.


Muscle pain around upper backbones

I have been so absorbed for about a week in training to manipulate my backbones freely one by one that my muscles around the upper backbones are sore.


Difficult photographing

Today I had been requested by a client to take pictures of children who visited a museum in Yokohama, but the request was canceled because photographing of visitors was not permitted by the museum. Of course I took pictures of the interviewee and the device which was the subject of today's interview as planned. Today's photographing was difficult because the room was dark and the subject was a detailed model as small as 4-centimeter-cube.


Take pictures of children

At tomorrow's interview I am requested to take pictures of a high‐tech device with children who visit a museum where the device is installed. This is my first time to take pictures of children as a paid job.


Finally motivated enough

Now that it's getting warmer I got finally motivated enough to grapple with various trainings by myself without mates.


Riddle-solving methodologies

Recently I am rereading Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes which I first read 4 years ago. Because I hardly remember the plot I can enjoy the mystery as if I read it for the first time. The riddle-solving methodologies told by Sherlock Holmes  impress me more deeply than the first time, probably because I have been implicated in riddles more than at that time.


Pleasant conversation

It is one of the greatest pleasures in life to talk with such people who think of it to be one of the greatest pleasures in life to be made aware of justifiable aspects of what they have thought to be absolutely wrong or of wrong aspects of what they have thought to be absolutely right.


On a glass surface

At today's interview I made a common mistake which I had often made when taking photograph that what were not intended be in the picture were reflected on a glass surface in the picture. When I concentrate on what I want to photograph I am prone to overlook what I don't want to photograph in the finder.


Thanks to mates

Even when it is difficult to set about practicing martial arts because of poor health I can concentrate on practice where mates join together.