Serious oversight

Although I have never used Bitcoin, I have put some hope on this digital currency as a symptom of the future economy that would be independent of arbitrary policies of governments. So the shutdown of a exchange of the digital currency on this month quite surprised me. That was such surprise as forced me to notice a serious defect of my mind. I thought I have tendency to overlook the possibility of dishonest acts and the paradoxical and complicated relation between the economy and the politics.


Progress of cameras

Cameras which are recently on sale make astonishingly beautiful pictures. I use Nikon D300, a single-lens reflex camera which was on sale 2007, and Fujifilm Finepix F200EXR, compact digital camera which was on sale 2009. Either made pictures beautiful enough at that time, but now falls behind cameras which are recently on sale.


Ume blooms

While the snow which fell on the Friday night before last still lies on the roadside, it got warm today. The ume (Japanese apricot) trees in my neighborhood have come into blossom.


Requirements for a questionnaire

I am writing a questionnaire which is sent to an company I will visit to have an interview for a publicity article of an IT system. Questionnaires for such interviews have to be courteous, easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to answer concretely. Moreover, they have to pull out all the testimonies that are necessary to make the merits of the product or service stand out. It takes long time to write questionnaires which satisfy such conditions.


Going to have interviews with bank clerks

I am going to have two interviews with bank clerks for separate publicity articles next month. One is about repair of an apartment house, and the other is about a system to manage manuals. I have an image about bank clerks that they are very proud and inflexible. I will have to prepare for these interviews elaborately.


"You are great"

The statement that one of the phrases that men always wished to be told by women was "you are great" made me consent that it was true and since then made me incapable of being pleased from the bottom of my heart if I was told so by women.


Not so good place for practice

The meeting room of a gymnasium where we had practice of martial arts first today was not so good. A workroom of an association adjoined the meeting room and the sound the mutual rooms was leaking to each other. It was difficult a little to concentrate on the practice.


Written inquiry

An interviewer is sometimes required by the interviewee to send a written inquiry in advance. It is difficult for an interviewer to write briefly the whole of what he or she wants to inquire.


Lively interview

An interview which proceeds lively is attractive as audio or video content but hard to be material of a persuasive article.


Scientific and engineering aspects

When a passenger plane is designed not only needs and wants of the users but also aeromechanical and mechanical properties of the airframe and engines have to be and actually are thoroughly examined. The design of a state and society is often discussed without considering the scientific and engineering aspects.


Lesson by dream

About once a month I have a dream which teaches me some lesson. The dream which I had last night taught me that people practically like and want to be compelled whether at shopping, contract, or marriage.


Too accustomed

I heard a female newcomer of our association of martial arts said on her way home after every practice she shed tears with sorrow over her incapability of doing what she had been taught. I thought I was too accustomed to my incapability of doing what I had been taught over ten years.


Snow remains

It's very fine today, but the snow which lay Friday night is too thick to thaw. The streets which have not yet been cleared of snow are covered with snow. Where the sun doesn't shine enough the snow remains knee‐high and automobiles can't enter.


Snow lay knee‐high

This morning I went out of the front door and found the snow which had fallen in the night lay knee‐high on the street. I heard the snow was heaviest in the Kanto region since the observation had started. I had a hard job clearing away the knee‐high snow from the street over dozens of meters.



Snow is falling heavily again after the last weekend's. Much stronger wind is blowing than the last time. Luckily I had nothing for which to go out today.


Began to learn Chinese

Suddenly the possibility has risen that I would be commissioned to go to China and have an interview with the staff of several Japanese companies in there within a few months. I began to learn Chinese.


Read "Eien no Zero"

Today I finished reading HYAKUTA Naoki's novel "Eien no Zero (The Eternal Zero)" (2006), which got its material from Japanese kamikaze squad during World War II. About 5 million copies of this novel have been sold in Japan. I felt that the characters in this novel were too ideal and shallow like novels for teen‐agers. But I thought it was meaningful for my country that many people would know through this novel the foolishness which had been repeatedly shown by Japanese leaders.


Electric shock caused by music

Outstanding performance of great musicians often causes an electric shock to run through my body. Sometimes such an electric shock is even caused just by the cheers and noises of the audience before the performance begins. Great musicians can raise the atmosphere of the concert hall to a different level before they play, and we can feel the alteration of the atmosphere even through recording.


Not the incumbent but the candidate with organized votes

Yesterday I wrote that, at elections, opponents of the incumbent candidate often make efforts to raise the voting rate intending to make the situation less favorable to the incumbent.  It was inaccurate to use the word "incumbent" in this context. Instead I should have used the expression "the candidate with organized votes" or "the candidate with firmer supporter's association.


Useless effort

At elections, objectors to the incumbent camp are often seen on the internet to try to persuade the electorate to go to a polling place and "vote for anyone whomever." They believe they can make the situation less favorable to the incumbent by raising the voting rate. It is true that incumbent candidates are more frequently reelected at elections in which the voting rate is lower than higher. But the low voting rate is never the cause of the reelection of incumbent candidates. The truth is that it is because no opposing candidate has more appeal to the electorate than the incumbent candidates that the voting rate is low. So the effort to raise the voting rate in order to make the situation less favorable to the incumbent is completely useless.


Snow lay more than I had expected

As had been forecast it snows heavily today. I shoveled away snow in front of my and my neighbors' houses twice in the morning. In the afternoon, I went to the Tokyo Metropolitan area, and returned home around 9 p.m., finding the snow lay more than I had expected, about 30 centimeters deep. It is still snowing. I have to hovel away snow tomorrow morning.


Heavy snow is forecast

Heavy snow is forecast throughout the Kanto region tomorrow. Probably I will have to shovel away snow in front of my house and my neighbors' houses tomorrow evening.


Reread know-how books

Having various things which my brain is too fatigued to dispose of, I am rereading business how‐to books which I read years ago. There are many lessons in those know-how books the real value of which I had been unaware of until I actually made errors in judgment about business.


Business plan

When drawing up a new business plan we should not try to sell "our product" by the new business but rather try to create a new business at which products which fit the new business sell and yield profits of their own accord.


Snow fell

The first snow of this winter fell around my place today, but it hardly lay on the street and ground.

Sohbudai-Mae Station.


Backward kick

Although one often has to kick things at the rear of himself or herself in order to advance himself or herself there is big difference between backward kick for the sake of kick and that for the sake of advance.


Heavy fog

Tonight the railways in the Kanto region got delayed because of dense fog. It took me about 90 minutes by Odakyu local train to arrive at Sagami-Ohno from Yoyogi-Uehara, or one and a half times as long as usual.


Alphabet system

While I have learned English over 30 years I have not yet mastered the system at which I have to depend almost only on the alphabet to express facts, ideas, and emotions.