Stupid reactions

Seeing politicians and journalists who were respected more than ten years ago now reacting stupidly to present problems I suspect the essence of the ability to get popularity may not that to grasp the true nature of the problems but that just to obey and use freely the paradigm of thoughts of their age.


Paranoiac layouter

I am apt to forget time passing when adjusting and refining HTML layout.


Value addition

I think the reality of what is called "value addition" in industries is rather "value completion." Values which are altered in quantity are always altered in quality. Added values are not added but created.


Loss of flexibility

When we often find ourselves to get angry at change of instructions by our bosses or clients or to set a high valuation on consistency of plan by them we should suspect that our brain and mind has begun to stiffen.


A little exhausted

Recently I feel a little exhausted. Fortunately this month I don't have much work to do.


Consistency of thought

When I have a conversation I tune consciously or unconsciously the depth of logic to the consistency of thought of the person whom I am talking with. How logically deep a talk I can have should depend on how consistent in thought I am considered to be.


Dictionaries for schoolchildren

I am in the habit of consulting dictionaries as often as possible for words the meaning of which I have thought I know but actually I am not sure. Mostly I look up in a dictionary for schoolchildren because it is light and easy to read. Although I am a man in my forties, there are many words the meaning or usage of which I am not sure in dictionaries for schoolchildren.


Hard to obtain

It is disappointing that the sizes of post-it which I am accustomed to using often get hard to obtain. I like 75 mm x 127 mm and 25 mm x 7.5 mm, but these sizes are seldom sold in stationery stores.


Minimum wage

While I do not think those who cannot understand why unskilled workers suffer from such policies as prohibit companies from hiring people at wages less than a legally determined level are qualified to be in charge of politics, neither do I think those who cannot understand it is impossible that the majority of people understand why unskilled workers suffer from such policies are qualified to be in charge of politics.


It's questions much more than opinions

How attractive as a friend to me one is depends on what questions he or she has about things much more than what opinions he or she has about things.


Still photograph

Today I took photographs of samples of a product, a publicity article of which I am writing. The samples were difficult to photograph because they were semitransparent.


DVD produced at my own expense delivered

I produced at my own expense the DVD of the lecture about Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged , made last year in Tokyo by Ms. FUJIMORI Kayoko, the Japanese translator of The Fountainhead and The Virtue of Selfishness. The DVDs of are delivered today. I hope they sell well.


Not in much demand

The DVD or books which I want to create and those more than hundreds copies of which are likely to sell hardly coincide.


Gaps between recognition and reality

Although in order to take actions when what things we think should be collides with what things actually are we need to think that we are correct and the reality is wrong, in order to get the results we hope we once need to think that we are wrong and the reality is correct in such situations.


Pages more valuable than hundreds pages of ordinary novels

Every time I read Atlas Shrugged again I think one page of this novel is more valuable than hundreds pages of most of well‐known classics novels.


Gentle talk

Recently I am listening to the radio programs uploaded to YouTube to which the late musician OHTAKI Eiichi who died last month had appeared. As a 11 through 13-year-old boy I enthusiastically listened to the radio program the D.J. of which was OHTAKI Eiichi. I noticed that I had leaned how to be gentle to other people by listening to him talk on radio.


Supporters of politicians siding with the weak

Probably the approval rate for a politician who profess himself or herself to be a friend of the weak is much higher among those who want to be regarded to be a friend of the weak than those whose social position is actually week.


The hidden and the unhidden

Those who think of it too important for "hidden" things to be revealed often seem to be unconscious of how many of "unhidden" things they are unaware of.


Though a little too late

Though a little too late, I gave a Japanese translation to the trailer of the movie "Atlas Shrugged: Part I" (2011). http://randreaders-tokyo.blogspot.jp/p/atlas-shrugged.html


Without courage

Although courage not to be afraid of failure is said to be indispensable to success I have no such courage. As for me probably insufficient ability to forecast results of actions serves as a substitute for such courage. Many mistakes I made in business because of wrong forecasts have given me many lessons and experiences.


Unconscious lies

Unless one learns not to lie unconsciously he or she can't realize how often most of people lie unconsciously and as a result makes a mistake of building his or her view of world or society on the basis of words he or she reads or listens to.


Sales skills

It seems to make big difference to one's view of world and society whether he or she has skills and confidence about sales.


Difficult to explain

Of things about which I know more I find more difficulty in making explanation.


Usual anxiety

As a publicity article writer I always struggle to write sentences as easy to read as possible. And I am always in anxiety that such words as seem for me easy to grasp might be quite hard for most readers to grasp.


The first burnable garbage collection day of this year

It was the first day of this year today when the burnable garbage was collected around this area. I brought out the big garbage bag stuffed with trash of about two weeks this morning. In the garbage cage garbage bags much more than usual were piled up and still left uncollected even toward evening.


Ability to suppose the possibility of views not biased by animosity against the strong

Some people have lost the ability to suppose the possibility of such views of society or history that conflict with their fixed idea that the strong are always immoral being true.


Walking easier than before

Recently it is much easier for me than before to walk with heavy baggage. I hope it is a good sign of my practices of martial arts bearing fruit.


Draw charming talks

Some think they are good at talking, while others think they are bad at it. Talks by those who estimate their talk good have their charms, while talks by those who estimate their talk bad have their own charms. The former charms include the boldness with which they declare uncertain things without flinching. The latter charms include the prudence with which they try to make their talk as accurate as possible. To draw charming talks from those who self-estimate their talk bad requires much higher skills than from those who self-estimate their talk good.


Large bookstores

Watching the titles of innumerable books in large bookstores, I am always amazed at the  diversity of viewpoints from which the universe can be seen.


Refrigerator dead

Yesterday my refrigerator ER3303BW by Electrolux stopped cooling. I bought it about fifteen years ago. I judged that the refrigerator had lived out its allotted span of life, and decided to buy new one. To my surprise, the web shop of electric appliances I usually use was in business from New Year's Day, and declared to deliver goods within the day. The refrigerator which I chose was R-23DA by HITACHI. As they declared, the refrigerator I ordered around midday was delivered around 18 o'clock. Although an unscheduled expense was painful, the renewed refrigerator makes me happy.


The sunrise on New Year's Day

Today I got up at 5:50 a.m. and went to the back garden of ZAMA city office, about 10 minutes' walk from my place, to see the sunrise on New Year's Day. The sky was clear to the horizon. I enjoyed the beautiful sunrise with dozens of people. A group of a dozen people took commemorative pictures by turns. I volunteered to press the shutter release button for them. They let me drink in return a paper cup of hot amazake, or a sweet drink made from fermented rice, which they brought in a thermos. The amazeke was very tasty.