Mourn the death of OHTAKI Eiichi

I heard today OHTAKI Eiichi, a Japanese pop musician born in 1948, had died yesterday because of aortic dissection, aged 65. I have been an ardent OHTAKI fan since I was 11 years old. Until quite recently he occasionally appeared on various radio programs and showed his extensive knowledge and deep insight about performing arts of all ages and countries. I believed he would continue to study and talk about various matters from his unique viewpoints. So I was shocked by his death.


Pictures and figures without captions

Pictures and figures in an article have always the reason they are inserted. The picture or figure is inserted in order to prove or reinforce some point of the article. The point has to be shown straightforwardly in the form of a caption. The absence of captions at the pictures and figures in an article can be regarded as the proof of the deficiency of intelligence of the author.


Had a good cleanup of the kitchen

Today I had a thorough cleanup of the kitchen of my place after a few months. The dirty kitchen had made my mind less active. I want to keep this level of cleanliness of the kitchen all the time.


Dilemmatic situation

To spread an exercise to the world the instruction words of it have to be translated into English. But if the instruction words which are designed to maximize the effect of a physical exercise are translated into another language, the effect of it inevitably decreases, at least for the native speakers of the original language. It is a dilemmatic situation.


Pathological parasitism

Today I received notice papers for circulation in the residents' association, one of which was titled "Invite the new station of Shinkansen (the high-speed passenger railroad system) to Samukawa Town." It surprised me that there are people who still try to extort money from the government to build a new station of the intercity railroad system and create a new city in a rural area when the national population begin drastically decreasing.


Too high a goal

High goal requires hard practice. Basically the higher goal one aims the harder practice he or she needs. But too high a goal to achieve makes the practice easier than harder. For example, the practice of martial arts aiming to "harmonize with the enemy" is much easier than that of martial arts aiming to knock the enemy down. The effort to "change the world" is much easier than that to succeed in the present world. Excessively high goals are often aimed in order to avoid hard practices unconsciously.


Reaction of the back part of my body

To some degree happiness depends on one's mindset. When I think I am unfortunate, my body -- particularly the back part of it -- stiffens, and as a result the various functions of it deteriorate, and as a result actually I get unfortunate. When I think I am fortunate, my body -- particularly the back part of it -- relaxes, and as a result the various functions of it advance, and as a result actually I get fortunate.


An opportunity to use my brain to its limit

To my delight I often get opportunities in which my brain has to be made use of to the utmost limit of its potential.


Atmosphere of reliableness

There is an atmosphere of reliableness which only those who have a high regard for scientific verification can produce. Few people seems to regard the attitude which I regard as proof of reliability as such.


Autonomy and objectivity

There is a type of conversation, the mere coming into my ears in trains and buses of which is felt to erode my mind and shorten my life. I thought over what distinguishes the type of conversation from the others. One idea which occurred to me is that those who have such type of conversation show much imbalance between the autonomy by which they take actions and the objectivity by which they have insights about their circumstances.


Cold and warm

It was so cold this morning that the deep insides of my nostrils ached when I took in breath from nostrils while the sunlight in the daytime was so warm that I sweated a little when I walked up a steep slope at a quick pace.


Words to be thawed

Although to put something into words is like to freeze the living and moving things into the unmoving, there is much difference between words for the sake of freezing something and those aiming at being thawed, or making the readers or listeners to take some action as a materialization of the words.


Slippery slabs

It rains two consecutive days from yesterday. Sidewalks of shopping streets and station squares are often paved with smooth-surfaced slabs, which get very slippery when wet with rain. Have those people who developed, sold, adopted, and approved those slabs for pavement of the streets and squares never slipped on smooth-surfaced slabs when it rained?


Dissolution of fatigue of the brain

Yesterday I attended a lectures to instruct methods to dissolve fatigue of the brain. I thought I should spare more time for recovering from fatigue of the brain to make it function more perfectly.


Star‐filled sky

I haven't seen a star‐filled night sky for years. It may be about time for me to go on a trip to somewhere stars are beautiful.


Report of divorce

Speech by matchmakers at wedding receptions that tell those present how great and nice a guy the bridegroom is always makes me less and less confident of my chance of getting married to some woman someday and report that such great and nice a guy divorced in less than a year since marriage makes me less and less confident of my ability to maintain married life with some woman.


Charm of human bodies without unnecessary strain

Practicing martial arts with fellows I keenly feel the charm only human bodies without unnecessary strain can emit.


Bad mood

Although I think we have a responsibility to keep our own mood as good as possible, I don't think it is a sin to be in bad mood. It is difficult for me to permit other people to regard it my duty to restore their mood while it is much easier for me to permit them to be in bad mood.


History fans

Sometimes I meet people who say they like history. Although I know what they mean, I am a little bit confused hearing people say they like history. Everything in the world has its origin, history, present state, and future. There is nothing in the world that has no history. If people are asked "Which do you like better curry or rice of curry and rice?" they should be confused. The remark "I like history" is as much confusing as the question.


Negative comments

Reading negative comments by visitors of hotels at information sites I cannot help think it is very difficult to manage and operate hotels.


Shot myself talking

Because at yesterday's interview there was some possibility that video shooting could be necessary, I had rented at a camera rental shop a single‐lens reflex camera with function of video shooting. It turned out that video shooting was not necessary. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I shot myself talking. I was disappointed because my ability to talk about intellectual things seemed to have declined.


Slight aphasia

Today I visited a back-office service provider company for medical institutions, to produce a publicity article of an IT system. At the end of interview, taking a gathering picture of interviewees for the head of the article, I didn't know why, but I couldn't direct smoothly and appropriate the poses and positions to interviewees.


Incompetence, the physical and the mental

Incompetence to do something has two aspects: the physical and the mental. Either aspect is caused and constrained by the other. It is one of the advantages of becoming able to perceive one's own incompetence from outside of himself or herself that he or she can observe the mutual restriction between the physical incompetence and the mental incompetence.


From outside

Since last week I am reading every morning a book about the nursing science which was established by a Japanese woman. The author of the book is a Japanese woman doctor who are trying to establish medicine as a systematic science. This book makes me get a new understanding of the importance of earnest practice to establish a new science. Reading this book, I keenly realized again my lack of ability and desire to command, lead, coach, train, educate other people. Then I thought that there was a great difference between being aware of one's own incompetence to do something from inside of oneself and from outside of oneself. It could be the first indispensable step toward acquisition of competence to do something that one becomes aware of one's own incompetence to do it from outside of oneself instead of inside of oneself.


Presented an interesting and beautiful book

Among the companies for which I have written publicity articles, there is a company which provides builders with know-how of design and sales of houses. Last week the company presented me with a new book which the founder of the company wrote. The book was about know-how which make it possible to build beautiful houses economically. The contents of the book was very interesting. The photographs in the book were very beautiful.


Refining and retouching

Refining the words and retouching the photos of an article I get unconscious of the passage of time.


Power of Japanese mimetic words

Recently I realized afresh how effectively Japanese mimetic words, like "Dahraaaa....", "Dohsaaaa....", arouse body awareness.


Rented D7100

Today I visited a ship testing institution to take photographs for a publicity article of a model making device. The inside of the building of this institution is very dark. I usually use Nikon’s D300 which I borrowed from a writer agent company. This camera is old and easy to produce noise in dark conditions. So I rented Nikon's one of the latest models D7100 from a camera rental shop. Unfortunately I couldn't take as beautiful pictures as I had expected because the inside of the building was darker and more difficult to photograph than I had imagined. But if I had used D300, the pictures would have been much rougher.


Aired futon

Fine weather lasting for days, I have aired my futon (mattress) day after day. The aired futon very effectively takes away tiredness.


Fujikyu 5700 series

This photograph of Fujikyu 5700 series electric train at Ohtusuki station was also taken on my way home from Kofu station where I went to photograph EF15s, on January 29, 1984, with my rail-fun friends. This train had been originally Odakyu 2200 series which I, as a schoolboy , used to see in my neighborhood.


Postal electric railcar

These photos of an postal electric railcar attached to an electric train of Minobu Line were also taken at Kofu station on January 29, 1984, when I was 13 years old. The trains running on Minobu Line at that time were painted wine‐red and white, symbolizing the grape vines of Yamanashi and the snow of Mount Fuji. In Japan, mail transportation by railway was abolished in 1986. The bag at the front in the fourth picture was mine.