ED1012, ED1041

I took these photographs of electric locomotives at Sohbudai-mae station of Odakyu Line, using the remaining film on my way home from Kofu station where I went, as a 13-year-old boy, to photograph EF15s, on January 29, 1984, with my rail-fun friends. It was not unusual in those days to see these electric locomotives run on Odakyu Line pulling freight cars.



Reading a blog by a railroad corporation's president I remembered when I was a junior high school student I went to Kofu station in Yamanashi prefecture with rail-fun friends to take photographs of the old style electric locomotives "EF15" which were scheduled to be out of service soon. Turning over the pages of the old album, I felt ashamed of my poor sense of photograph. I remembered that a kind engine shed stuff had admitted us hearing we came from Kanagawa.

Photographed January 29, 1984


Mind your own business

Although the saying "Mind your own business" is generally used to ask other people not to meddle in one's privacy, I often recall the idiomatic expression seeing people engrossed in criticizing their colleagues, superiors, compatriots, government, and so on. No other prejudice is as sure to shut the path to one's happiness as the prejudice that one can never pursue happiness except in ideal environment or society.


Mild coldness

The coldness of winter has been mild for the last few days. It stormed the night before last night but the wind was warm. Today I went shopping to the co‐op store without overcoat.


Abandoned mildewed nukadoko

The nukadoko (salted rice-bran paste to pickle vegetables) I had used replenishing over and over again since last year's summer unfortunately got covered with green mold at last. I abandoned the old nukadoko and begun to prepare the new one.


Washing not readily dries

There has come a season when it takes a long time for the washing to dry.


Stiffened muscles around the thoracic vertebras

Recently I am crazy over loosening stiffened muscles around my thoracic vertebras.


Strolled a forestry road

Having edited a video clip for ten straight hours today I went to a mountain valley which it took about an hour to visit from my place and strolled a forestry road enjoying fresh air and murmuring of a stream.


Soldier of greed

Today I read on twitter a former local assembly member deplore that "an institute in U.S." donates hundreds thousands copies of Ayn Rand' novels and essays to senior high schools every year. He was angry that in U.S. such fearful efforts were made day and night to implant "ultimate egoism" into the pure mind of young people and bring up soldiers of Greed Capitalism. I wondered why people who wanted to bring up "soldiers" tried to implant "egoism" into the target youth. Isn't it more reasonable to implant unselfishness for that purpose?


Vulgar taste

It is not unusual for me to be surprised to find that a man or woman who shows great competence in the field of business shows vulgar taste in the field of music.


Had two interviews a day

This morning I had an interview with an engineer of an industrial laboratory in Musashino City, Tokyo, and this afternoon I had an interview with two engineers of a device manufacturer in Yokohama City, Kanagawa. Both interviews were made for publicity articles of an apparatus. I did my best for both interviews and were tired.


A man called pirate

Today I finished reading a novel titled "A man called pirate," which drew its material from the life of Sazo Idemitsu, the founder of Idemitsu Kosan. This novel portrays only the bright side of the life of Sazo Idemitsu. Although the simplification makes the novel slightly superficial, I was moved profoundly by the great faith and behaviors of the hero. Ms. Kayoko Fujimori, the Japanese translator of Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead", said this novel depicted "Atlases who won't shrug." I agree with her.



Today I visited a photo exhibition titled "Ise Shrine's Periodic Rebuilding" held at Ginza, Tokyo. Ise Shrine is one of the most important Shintō shrines, located in the city of Ise in Mie Prefecture. Its buildings are rebuilt every 20 years as a part of the Shinto belief. The ceremonies, buildings, clothes, and people in pictures were very solemn and beautiful. But the earnestness of people who practice those terribly solemn ceremonies was still a mystery for me.


Image loosening

I sometimes use images in order to help my own muscular and skeletal structure become looser. Recently I use the image that my spinal column is loosened from all quarters by the loosened legs of my master.


Liberated from deadlines

After a long time I am liberated from deadlines for articles. But I still have many things I have to finish within this year.


Hard work

I am impressed by my recent hard work.


Mental effort

It requires much mental effort to write articles which can be read with no mental effort.


Weight of ankles

I recently noticed that it was very difficult for me to feel the weight of my own ankles and I am tackling the difficult problem in order to be able to make full use of the intrinsic faculties of my own body.


False belief

Seeing someone parading knowledge or information I often think that one of the terrifying things about language is that it makes us falsely believe that we know or understand something.


Unclear explanations

Because I seldom succeed in explaining what I want to explain, the less successfully one explains things which he or she wants to explain, the more interesting and reliable the things which he or she wants to explain seem to me.


The DVD of "We the Living" film version with Japanese subtitles at last on sale

Today, on November 10, the day Kira and Leo met again as they had promised in the story, the DVD of film version of Ayn Rand's "We the Living" with Japanese subtitles is at last on sale.

The film so closely follows the original novel that either version makes the other version more attractive.

I hope this DVD will help Ayn Rand fans increase in Japan.



I envy very much those whose writings or speeches which they write or speak amusing themselves amuse other people.


The real meaning of lyrics

It makes me feel ashamed a little to understand suddenly in my forties the real meaning of the words of a song which a musician wrote in his or her twenties and I often listened to and did not notice its real meaning in my twenties.


Ways to entrust jobs

Some jobs demand abilities which surpass the abilities of the entrusted while other jobs do not. There should be various differences between the way to entrust the former type of jobs and the way to entrust the latter type. Outsourcers of jobs that require creativity often make the mistake of treating freelances in a way to order part-time workers to do routine works.



I should appreciate those client companies which ruined my motivation to do my best to contribute to them because they gave me a good opportunity to give up the current unbeneficial and time-consuming job and look for a new job more suitable for me.


Meaningless advice

I can think of almost nothing I have succeeded in throughout my life and I don't think it to have any meaning to advise other people on things which I have never succeeded in. On rare occasions I think by mistake I can give some meaningful advice and find I was wrong.


5 years

On 4th November of 5 years ago I started this diary and have kept writing it with no missing day. Congratulations on my achievement. I hope my writing skill will be much better than now when I have kept writing this diary for 10 years.


Uninterrupted requests

Although since last summer I have made up my mind to stop working as a customer story writer as soon as there is no request for article production, requests come uninterruptedly and I can't begin hunting the next job.


Photograph phobia

Photographs used in posters posted in stations and trains, especially the ones taken in difficult conditions, often choke my heart, reminding me of the failures I made taking photographs as a job, and making me imagine possible failures I could make in future jobs.


Went to Maibara

Today I visited a racing manufacturer in Maibara, Shiga Prefecture, to have interview with its engineers. To save transportation expense, I did not use Shinkansen but use local trains. This morning I took a train leaving Zama at 5:21 a.m., and arrived Maibara at 0:17 p.m. I met the marketing staff of the client company at Maibara Station at 0:30 p.m., had an interview from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., and took a train leaving Maibara at 3:32 p.m. I stopped off at Toyohashi and had a set meal of Nameshi & Dengaku at tofu restaurant in the station building. And I will arrive Zama Station at 11:43 p.m. I saved about 10,000 Yen of the limited express fares.

A set meal of Nameshi & Dengaku at tofu restaurant in Toyohashi Station building.