In my impression those who despise intelligence are more argumentative than those who respect it.



I finished writing an article I had took pains to write for a week. I don't know why it brings that much physical fatigue to try to write things difficult to write.



When I was a junior high school student, I dreamed of being an engineer who developed high technology devices in Japanese big manufacturers like Sony, Canon, etc. I decided to aim at a technical junior college, but my parents suggested me to go on to an academic high school and then go to the department of technology of a university. I obeyed the suggestion and go on to an high school centered on preparing students to get into university. I failed to follow the mathematics class at the high school, and I gave up the dream of being an engineer. If I had not changed my decision to aim at a technical junior college, my life would have been quite different.



As a homework of an English training course, I was told to translate the lyric of the following Japanese popular song of 31 years ago.


A deck chair which seems to be cool invites me
I take a sip of apple liquor
You jump into a swimming pool
and blowing a kiss with the little finger
wink, wink, wink...

Chasing a dream with a color of everlasting summer
I catch you and swim
I am a mermaid with bare feet
with sun tanned skin

A tanned skin get wet with the sparkling spray
How malicious of you to aim at dozing me

You wink, wink, wink...
saying with a straight face
"You are pretty even while you sulk"

I hate you
I love you

I am kidding
I am serious

Chasing a dream with a color of everlasting summer
I catch you and swim
I am a mermaid with bare feet
with sun tanned skin

I hate you
I love you

What a silly lyric.


Intellectual activities

Before I started to lean Japanese traditional martial arts as I entered University when I was 19 years old, I vaguely hoped that I would contribute to society in some intellectual field. As I leaned Japanese traditional martial arts, I lost trust in purely intellectual activities.


Classic book reading plan

I decided to read one classic book every month at the end of 2008. I kept to my decision until February 2012, when one of my family died and I had to move my place and got very busy. My desire to be a more cultured man was not strong enough to make me stick to the practice.



A funeral is said to be held for the sake of survivors. I do not entirely agree with the opinion. Certainly priority should be given to the emotion and convenience of survivors over the deceased. But I do not think the deceased deserves no consideration at a funeral because his or her awareness ceased to exist. I believe the cells which make up a dead body have a kind of awareness, and we can calm the awareness of cells of a dead body at a funeral.



In daily conversation, a question is asked in order not so much to inquire something as to be asked about the matter -- and to boast of something by answering the question. When we are asked "Why do you think we celebrate a birthday?", we should think that the questioner wants to be asked "Do you celebrate someone's birthday soon?" and to boast of something by answering the question -- say, it will be his daughter's birthday soon, or he will present something expensive for her birthday.


Broadcasted on the coming August 18

I'm looking forward to watching a documentary program which wall be broadcasted on NHK General TV from 21:00 to 21:49 of the coming August 18. The program is titled "Richstan and States -- redistribution of wealth at issue," and broadcasted as "NHK Special", one of the most authoritative documentary programs in Japan. Last May, I got e-mail from a director of the program. He inquired me about Ayn Rand, a fan organization of whom I preside over. He said that, making a program from a viewpoint of "the confrontation between the wealthy class and the states", they had met a rich person in U.S. who referred to "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand as the background of his or her thoughts. I don't know whether the name "Ayn Rand" will be referred to in the program. But I hope thanks to the program many Japanese people will know Ayn Rand and read her novels.



Asked what was my favorite Japanese dialect word, I hit upon no answer. Although I don't hate other people to use dialects, I usually avoid using dialects. I thought over why I did not like to use dialect words very much. I guess that is because using dialect words almost equals giving up telling things to as diverse people as possible, as plainly and objectively as possible.


Wonderfully fortunate

I knew yesterday I had lost a chance of catching a wonderful happiness which maybe I could catch. But I thought I had been wonderfully fortunate just to have a glimpse of possibility of catching the happiness which for many years I had not thought I could catch, and also fortunate to avoid imposing physical and mental burdens on other people in order to actually catch the happiness.



Recently I seldom feel envy at somebody's success. I hope I have not lost a desire to improve myself.



Anti‐capitalists believe that a capitalist can obtain surplus value merely by buying labor and forcing laborers to work, no matter what kind of work it may be. But that is not true. Needless to say, a capitalist loses his capital if the product or service he forced the laborers to produce does not sell. If a capitalist makes a profit, that is because he saw through consumers' wants and needs correctly and made the investment necessary to provide the product or service that solve the wants and needs. A capitalist always takes risks, and judges what has value for the consumers. On the contrary, the profit which a bureaucrat gains in the communism society does not depend on whether his judge about consumers' needs and wants was correct or not.



Recently I am watching again the film "The Fountainhead" on DVD. The defeat of Gail Wynand near the end touches me to the heart. Maybe I am beginning to regard myself as a loser.


Bicycle chain off

Today I went to a co‐op store 2 km away form my place by bicycle. At parking space I let my bicycle fall down by accident. Then the chain of my bicycle was off. When I finished shopping and left the store, it begun to rain. I couldn't repair the bicycle. I had to come home on foot in the rain.


Next job

Now I am looking for a new job by which I can earn more steadily than by the one now I am doing. I think the jobs in which I don't have to use PC are more desirable because I want to use PC in order to pursue personal interests.


Rising hurdle

Last week I had interviews with users of a measuring instrument at two companies, in order to produce advertisement articles of the instrument. The marketing staff of the maker of the measuring instrument was so good a listener that I talked about difficulties of producing good interview articles. I talked about it so much that I have to submit extremely good article to him.


Posted translated the Wikipedia article "Ayn Rand" to Japanese Wikipedia

Today I posted the article "Ayn Rand" which I translated from English Wikipedia into Japanese to Japanese Wikipedia. I couldn't find Ayn Rand's fine portrait in Wikimedia Commons. I wish were there one for her works to be spread.



Until I moved to the house where now I live, I lived near a fitness club. I was a member of the club and used its large bathroom almost everyday. Since I moved to this house, I rarely use the bathtub and only use the shower in order to save gas and water. But recently I thought it might be because I had stopped to use the bathtub that I have got gradually worse at recovery from fatigue. So yesterday and today I used the bathtub. I felt it had an effect.


Went to Nagoya by bus

This morning I visited an ironworks in Nagoya, to produce a publicity article of a measuring instrument. This time I used for the first time the daytime expressway bus to go to Nagoya. On the outward journey, it cost 2,910 Yen from Tokyo to Nagoya. On the homeward journey, it cost 4,270 Yen from Nagoya to Atsugi. It took about five hours from Tokyo to Nagoya. I could write articles in the bus. I think I will use the bus again.

On the outward journey, at Tokyo Station.

At Ashigara S.A.

On the homeward journey, at Hamanako S.A.

At Ashigara S.A. with Mount Fuji.

At Atsugi Bus Stop


True life

I sometimes wonder whether a life in which we don't regard our own life as a "true life" and always pursue some "true life" other than our own life as it is can be called "true life."


A day off

I took mostly a day off today. I got on a train about 40 minutes and went to Shohnan seashore. I took off my shoes and walked barefoot along the shore. As the sand of beach was too heated by sunbeams to walk barefoot, I walked on the concrete road. I hope my brain was well stimulated by heat and pain through the soles of my feet. I came home in the early evening, and drank a canned beer. I ate natto, or fermented soybeans, as today is natto's day (in Japanese 7 is pronounced "nana" and 10 is "to").


Visited a city where I lived about 20 years ago

For a business trip, yesterday I visited a city where I lived when I was a student about 20 years ago. I went to a curry and rice restaurant I often used then, a dormitory where I lived for 5 years then, and walked a riverbank where I often took a walk then.


Last weekend

Last weekend I visited a man and his wife who have been very kind to my family in all sorts of ways. They said they would be continuously kind to my family. While I was very thankful to them, I thought I had to be strong enough not to be too dependent on them.


Habitualization tool

Google Calendar is helpful in acquiring a habit like writing diary, learning foreign language, and so on. You can set schedules repeated at regular intervals like every day or once a week, and get notification send to your mailer. By making it a habit to delete the notification mail after finishing the schedule, you can acquire a habit of finishing the schedule.



As far as I can remember, I have recommended no goods to my friends for almost 20 years. The last product I advised my friends to buy was a training gear called "Yuru-Yuru Boh" (Loosening Bars). "Yuru-Yuru Boh" consists of two wooden round bars with a diameter of three centimeters, one of which is forty centimeters long, the other of which is fifteen centimeters long. You set the two round bars crosswise on the floor with longer one over shorter one, and stand on longer one. As two bars set crosswise are round, your feet get never steady. So by standing on "Yuru-Yuru Boh," your sense of balance is trained. When I stood on "Yuru-Yuru Boh" for the first time seventeen years ago, I was so moved that I advised many friends to buy it. But none of my friend was as moved as me by "Yuru-Yuru Boh." So since then I gave up recommending something I was moved by.


Slow thinker

I have expected that by spending much time on solving difficult problems I will be able to solve difficult problems quickly someday. But we won't be able to run very fast by keeping walking slowly. Perhaps I am expecting the same kind of thing.


Can his (or her) other ways which I like remain unhurt?

One of my mottoes is "Don't try to change others." Whoever advise him (or her) to change his (or her) way he (or she) won't unless he (or she) feel he (or she) needs to. If no one advise him (or her) to change his (or her) way he (or she) will when he (or she) feel he (or she) needs to. Of course it is not rare for me to want someone to change his or her way of thinking, talking, acting, and so on. In such case I ask myself "If he (or she) change his (or her) way which I don't like, can his (or her) other ways which I like remain unhurt?" The answer is mostly no, and I lost the desire to change his (or her) way which I don't like.


Business trip planning

When I was children, I liked to read a train timetable book daydreaming about traveling throughout Japan. As I have grown up, I like jobs which involve a trip. When I make plans for my business trip, I often inquire about means of transportation more minutely than necessary.



As a homework of an English training course, I was told to write about my favorite sports. Can I call hiking a sport? I guess I can, if we define sports as physical activities done for the sake of physical activities. Many sports involve competition. I can't be crazy about competitions. Many sports require teamwork. I am not good at teamwork. I like hiking because it involves neither competition nor teamwork necessarily.


Pain continues

The pain in my left chest continues. Today my right chest also started to ache. If the pains of both sides were of same kind, I would feel relieved, because at least they are not caused by the heart. But they are not. I am anxious a little.