The level of works of Web creators

Basically, I deliver the articles I've wrote in HTML form, which can be immediately carried to the clients' Web site. That means, the value I provide to the clients contains visual or aesthetical factors. I don't consider myself as a specialist in visual arts at all. I can hardly do anything but admire the works of most of professional web creators. I even have no idea how those works can be realized. But on the other hand, some Web creators' works are astonishingly unaesthetic. It is unusual for me to wonder how they can allow themselves to keep producing so low level works.


The purpose of publicity of clinic

Now I am writing a publicity article of a search engine advertising company. This article is composed of an interview with the head official of a dental clinic group, which is a client of the company. I have difficulty in expressing suitably the purpose for which the dental clinic group introduced the search engine advertising service. Of course it is the increase of patients. But if you say "We wanted to make our patients increase," you might be misunderstood to have wanted that more people would suffer from a bad tooth. I don't think of a good expression yet.


Trying to imagine how the mind of intellectual people works

Next month I have to write an advertisement article which is aimed at people of much higher intellectual level than the target reader of articles which I usually write. In order to imagine how the mind of those very intellectual people works, I am trying to recall how my mind worked when I believed I was wise, that is, when I was a boy of the lower grades of an elementary school.


The price of diamonds

Today I had a preliminary meeting with a diamond connoisseur, for the publicity article I produce next month. The diamond connoisseur said that the price of diamonds differs enormously by the difference we can't see without microscope. The enthusiasm of human being for perfection is amazing.


Bearables and unbearables

While there are various things which I couldn't be patient with 10 or 20 years ago but now I can tolerate, there also are various things which I didn't care 10 or 20 years ago but now I can't be patient with. A typical example of the former is the mechanical or inhumane manner to handle people. Formerly I couldn't understand how such mechanical or inhumane manner made it possible for an organization to keep fully functioning. A typical example of the latter is the harmless manner to speak like MCs of radio or TV programs. Now I can't listen to the radio nor watch TV. Although I myself am good at such harmless manner of speech. I think it is because I am good at it that I hate it.


Reading again "Atlas Shrugged"

Now I am reading again Ayn Rand's representative novel "Atlas Shrugged". I have no idea how many times I have read this novel before this time. Every time I read this novel I refresh my admiration for the loftiness of the  thought which is given shape as the magnificent and spectacular story. The elaborateness of the thought expressed in this work can never be fully in the form of movies of a few hours.


Animal spirits and economic policies

Today I read "Animal Spirits: How Human Psychology Drives the Economy, and Why It Matters for Global Capitalism" by George A. Akerlof and Robert J. Shiller (Japanese edition). The preface of this book was very exciting. It told me clearly that when we judge to what degree state intervention in the economy was justified we needed to consider the tendencies of human actions which behavioral economics had revealed. But the chapters other than the preface were unsatisfactory. Various facts were shown to prove that the classical almighty market theory couldn't be relied on 100%. But I could not be convinced to what degree state intervention in the economy was justified.


The general meeting of the neighborhood association

Today my neighborhood association, which consists of 240 regular member households, held the general meeting at its assembly hall. I had imagined that few people would attend the meeting which held at a precious Sunday in spring. But actually, the number of people present was 67. I was impressed by their sense of responsibility. I had been resolved to undertake some position if I was asked, but I didn't need to. The proceedings went smoothly, being completed in a hour. I thought my neighborhood association has many excellent and honest members.


A meaningless lament

There are people who lament over the scarcity of the people whom they can respect. But in the first place, respect is the emotion which we hold toward the exceptionally, or like in the degree of two out of ten, great people. So to lament over the scarcity of respectable people is like to lament over ten divided five being two.


Interviewing without giving responses

Today for the second time I worked together with a professional video cameraman, commissioned by an internet advertising company to produce an advertising article composed of interview with its client. When motion pictures of the testimony of customers are shot, the interviewer has to restrain himself from giving responses like "Oh, you did?", "I see!", and so on. It is difficult for me to have interview without giving such responses.


Finally finished reading "We the Living"

Today I finally finished reading Ayn Rand's "We the Living" (Japanese edition). The biggest question I have had while reading the long story is why the heroine Kira continues to love Leo. This question kept making it difficult for me to keep reading the story. I can't understand why she continues to love Leo. Actually, I have a feeling that I know why. But I also have a feeling that I should not think I know why.


Aim at as well as ward off sense of understanding

I often fear to think that I understand something because it is much more frequent to feel the lack of understanding of something for those who think themselves that they understand it than for those who think themselves that they don't understand it. It is when we know something through language that most easily we think that we understand something more correctly than we actually understand it.  So when we read or hear information through language, I think, it is important for us to keep doubting our understanding at the same time trying to understand facts and truths as correctly as possible.


Letters difficult to answer

In my teens and twenties, I sometimes received letters from elder people and had difficulty in answering them. At that time, I laid the blame only on my lack of skills in writing. But now that I have grown as old as the people who gave me letters at that time, I think the fault lay not with me but with those letter writers. Recalling the text of letters those elder people gave to me, I cannot help judging that their priority was not to communicate with me, but to maintain their dignity and appearances. It was natural that I had difficulties in answering letters written just as elder people's face saver.


Coming across crutch users more frequently than ever

For the last few weeks, almost every time I go out, I notice people who walk on crutches. I don't know why. Do people who walk on crutches have actually increased for the last few weeks? Or do I pay more attention unconsciously to crutch users than ever? If so, why do I?



A neighboring woman gave me a share of her homemade inarizushis (flavored boiled rice wrapped in fried bean curd) saying "Offer these inarizushi on your butsudan (a Buddhist family altar) because it was Higan (a seven-day Buddhist memorial service held twice a year, centering on the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, intended to help souls pass from the world of confusion to the world of enlightenment)". She also said it was a token of her gratitude for my shoveling away snow in front of her home when it snowed heavily on last January.


A very thick wall

Recently I feel a very thick wall on my way of progress of martial arts. It is irritating. But the fact that I have come to be able to feel thickness of the wall might mean that I can break through it in the near future.


"The Double Helix"

There is a kind of people who always make extraordinary efforts to pretend not to be making a joke while making one. When I read James Dewey Watson's "The Double Helix", I thought he was one of the greatest representatives of such kind of people. I even suspected that he had become a scientist and had gotten a Nobel prize in order to reinforce the image of not making a joke and thereby make his joke much funnier.


Unnatural English

Once I feared to be said "Your English is unnatural as English", but recently I hardly do. I think of it as natural that non-native English speakers use different English from native English speakers because the way of thinking of non-native English speakers is different from that of native English speakers.



As an interview writer and photographer I have never carried out an interview and  photograph without failure. Every time I accomplish an interview work, I find failures I made and feel down. But it is those failures I make in practice scenes that help me avoid fatal mistakes and improve my skills. One of the most important merits of doing my best at every matter is I can continue to get the next opportunity making small mistakes.


The first merit to have begun to write this diary in Engilish

The purpose for which I write this diary is improvement of my writing skills and deepening of my understanding about things. I have little intention to share my thoughts and emotions with other people. When I wrote this diary in Japanese, I sometimes hear my Japanese friends say "I read your blog," and I always felt sorry for making them waste their precious time on reading what was not worth reading. One of the things good for me to have begun to write this diary in English is the remarkable diminution of occasions in which I hear my Japanese friends say "I read your blog."


The peak of the sense of value of myself

There was no time the sense that not my achievements or my contributions but I myself have some value for other people was as strong as when I was a child. Now I can't believe such a time comes again as I can believe I myself have some value for other people with no doubt.


Wedding speeches

At wedding receptions, people give speeches on how the groom is great as the bride's husband and the bride is great as the groom's wife. Listening to those speeches, I always feel I am not qualified to be a husband of any woman.



Although I seldom attend parties, recently I do consecutively because events really to cerebrate succeed. Today I did. Tomorrow I will.


Struggling to settle the accounts

The deadline for filing a final income tax return for the last year is March 15.

I am now struggling to settle the accounts, simultaneously  polishing two publicity articles I was commissioned to write.


Went to a railroad company

Today I visited a railroad company in Tokyo to interview with the marketing manager of an amusement and hotel department of the company, in order to produce a publicity article of a Web production company. A subordinate of the manager was also planed to be present at the interview, but he couldn't. It was a little bit difficult interview, because the manager didn't know details of the Web production project.


Watched "Part II" at last

I watched the DVD of the movie "Atlas Shrugged: Part II."

I thought the quality of the picture had improved as compared with Part I, but the progress was monotonous  a little, while I watched until around the half.

But the upsurge of the last phase was so great.

Some scenes showed the limitation of budget clearly.

But Some scenes moved me almost to tears.

Overall, I thought the movie was good.


Time flies

Time seems to pass as if a week passed in a day of 20 years ago.


Sold DVDs related to Ayn Rand

Yesterday I went to a hall where Ms. Fujimori, who translated Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead" and "The Virtue of Selfishness" into Japanese, gave a short lecture about Ayn Rand, and where I sold DVD of Ms. Fujimori's lecture delivered last year and DVD of the movie "Atlas Shrugged", as the host of "Ayn Rand's Readers Meeting in Japan".

Ms. Fujimori's lecture was so passionate that 25 out of about 300 people present bought the DVD of her lecture priced at 4,500 JPY (about 48 USD), and 17 people bought the DVDs of the movie "Atlas Shrugged Part I" and "Part II" priced at 5,600 JPY (about 60 USD) in total.

I talked with some of the younger members of the host organization of the lecture. They seemed to respect Ayn Rand' philosophy. And they also seemed to hope I, the host of "Ayn Rand's Readers Meeting in Japan", also a man who deserve some respect. "That was a little embarrassing for me.


Frank guys

When I have a rare opportunity to talk with those who want to share frankly what they feel with other people, I have no idea how to answer to them.


Plain writing

A sentence the meaning of which we can easily understand is also the sentence the inconsistency of which we can easily notice. When I try to write what I want to say as plainly as possible, I often notice that what I have wanted to say does not deserve to be said.


"Atlas Shrugged Part II" DVD arrived

Today the DVD of the movie "Atlas Shrugged Part II" which was on sale February 19th arrived from USA. Now I am too busy to watch it.