Mourn the death of OHTAKI Eiichi

I heard today OHTAKI Eiichi, a Japanese pop musician born in 1948, had died yesterday because of aortic dissection, aged 65. I have been an ardent OHTAKI fan since I was 11 years old. Until quite recently he occasionally appeared on various radio programs and showed his extensive knowledge and deep insight about performing arts of all ages and countries. I believed he would continue to study and talk about various matters from his unique viewpoints. So I was shocked by his death.


Pictures and figures without captions

Pictures and figures in an article have always the reason they are inserted. The picture or figure is inserted in order to prove or reinforce some point of the article. The point has to be shown straightforwardly in the form of a caption. The absence of captions at the pictures and figures in an article can be regarded as the proof of the deficiency of intelligence of the author.


Had a good cleanup of the kitchen

Today I had a thorough cleanup of the kitchen of my place after a few months. The dirty kitchen had made my mind less active. I want to keep this level of cleanliness of the kitchen all the time.


Dilemmatic situation

To spread an exercise to the world the instruction words of it have to be translated into English. But if the instruction words which are designed to maximize the effect of a physical exercise are translated into another language, the effect of it inevitably decreases, at least for the native speakers of the original language. It is a dilemmatic situation.


Pathological parasitism

Today I received notice papers for circulation in the residents' association, one of which was titled "Invite the new station of Shinkansen (the high-speed passenger railroad system) to Samukawa Town." It surprised me that there are people who still try to extort money from the government to build a new station of the intercity railroad system and create a new city in a rural area when the national population begin drastically decreasing.


Too high a goal

High goal requires hard practice. Basically the higher goal one aims the harder practice he or she needs. But too high a goal to achieve makes the practice easier than harder. For example, the practice of martial arts aiming to "harmonize with the enemy" is much easier than that of martial arts aiming to knock the enemy down. The effort to "change the world" is much easier than that to succeed in the present world. Excessively high goals are often aimed in order to avoid hard practices unconsciously.


Reaction of the back part of my body

To some degree happiness depends on one's mindset. When I think I am unfortunate, my body -- particularly the back part of it -- stiffens, and as a result the various functions of it deteriorate, and as a result actually I get unfortunate. When I think I am fortunate, my body -- particularly the back part of it -- relaxes, and as a result the various functions of it advance, and as a result actually I get fortunate.


An opportunity to use my brain to its limit

To my delight I often get opportunities in which my brain has to be made use of to the utmost limit of its potential.


Atmosphere of reliableness

There is an atmosphere of reliableness which only those who have a high regard for scientific verification can produce. Few people seems to regard the attitude which I regard as proof of reliability as such.


Autonomy and objectivity

There is a type of conversation, the mere coming into my ears in trains and buses of which is felt to erode my mind and shorten my life. I thought over what distinguishes the type of conversation from the others. One idea which occurred to me is that those who have such type of conversation show much imbalance between the autonomy by which they take actions and the objectivity by which they have insights about their circumstances.


Cold and warm

It was so cold this morning that the deep insides of my nostrils ached when I took in breath from nostrils while the sunlight in the daytime was so warm that I sweated a little when I walked up a steep slope at a quick pace.


Words to be thawed

Although to put something into words is like to freeze the living and moving things into the unmoving, there is much difference between words for the sake of freezing something and those aiming at being thawed, or making the readers or listeners to take some action as a materialization of the words.


Slippery slabs

It rains two consecutive days from yesterday. Sidewalks of shopping streets and station squares are often paved with smooth-surfaced slabs, which get very slippery when wet with rain. Have those people who developed, sold, adopted, and approved those slabs for pavement of the streets and squares never slipped on smooth-surfaced slabs when it rained?


Dissolution of fatigue of the brain

Yesterday I attended a lectures to instruct methods to dissolve fatigue of the brain. I thought I should spare more time for recovering from fatigue of the brain to make it function more perfectly.


Star‐filled sky

I haven't seen a star‐filled night sky for years. It may be about time for me to go on a trip to somewhere stars are beautiful.


Report of divorce

Speech by matchmakers at wedding receptions that tell those present how great and nice a guy the bridegroom is always makes me less and less confident of my chance of getting married to some woman someday and report that such great and nice a guy divorced in less than a year since marriage makes me less and less confident of my ability to maintain married life with some woman.


Charm of human bodies without unnecessary strain

Practicing martial arts with fellows I keenly feel the charm only human bodies without unnecessary strain can emit.


Bad mood

Although I think we have a responsibility to keep our own mood as good as possible, I don't think it is a sin to be in bad mood. It is difficult for me to permit other people to regard it my duty to restore their mood while it is much easier for me to permit them to be in bad mood.


History fans

Sometimes I meet people who say they like history. Although I know what they mean, I am a little bit confused hearing people say they like history. Everything in the world has its origin, history, present state, and future. There is nothing in the world that has no history. If people are asked "Which do you like better curry or rice of curry and rice?" they should be confused. The remark "I like history" is as much confusing as the question.


Negative comments

Reading negative comments by visitors of hotels at information sites I cannot help think it is very difficult to manage and operate hotels.


Shot myself talking

Because at yesterday's interview there was some possibility that video shooting could be necessary, I had rented at a camera rental shop a single‐lens reflex camera with function of video shooting. It turned out that video shooting was not necessary. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I shot myself talking. I was disappointed because my ability to talk about intellectual things seemed to have declined.


Slight aphasia

Today I visited a back-office service provider company for medical institutions, to produce a publicity article of an IT system. At the end of interview, taking a gathering picture of interviewees for the head of the article, I didn't know why, but I couldn't direct smoothly and appropriate the poses and positions to interviewees.


Incompetence, the physical and the mental

Incompetence to do something has two aspects: the physical and the mental. Either aspect is caused and constrained by the other. It is one of the advantages of becoming able to perceive one's own incompetence from outside of himself or herself that he or she can observe the mutual restriction between the physical incompetence and the mental incompetence.


From outside

Since last week I am reading every morning a book about the nursing science which was established by a Japanese woman. The author of the book is a Japanese woman doctor who are trying to establish medicine as a systematic science. This book makes me get a new understanding of the importance of earnest practice to establish a new science. Reading this book, I keenly realized again my lack of ability and desire to command, lead, coach, train, educate other people. Then I thought that there was a great difference between being aware of one's own incompetence to do something from inside of oneself and from outside of oneself. It could be the first indispensable step toward acquisition of competence to do something that one becomes aware of one's own incompetence to do it from outside of oneself instead of inside of oneself.


Presented an interesting and beautiful book

Among the companies for which I have written publicity articles, there is a company which provides builders with know-how of design and sales of houses. Last week the company presented me with a new book which the founder of the company wrote. The book was about know-how which make it possible to build beautiful houses economically. The contents of the book was very interesting. The photographs in the book were very beautiful.


Refining and retouching

Refining the words and retouching the photos of an article I get unconscious of the passage of time.


Power of Japanese mimetic words

Recently I realized afresh how effectively Japanese mimetic words, like "Dahraaaa....", "Dohsaaaa....", arouse body awareness.


Rented D7100

Today I visited a ship testing institution to take photographs for a publicity article of a model making device. The inside of the building of this institution is very dark. I usually use Nikon’s D300 which I borrowed from a writer agent company. This camera is old and easy to produce noise in dark conditions. So I rented Nikon's one of the latest models D7100 from a camera rental shop. Unfortunately I couldn't take as beautiful pictures as I had expected because the inside of the building was darker and more difficult to photograph than I had imagined. But if I had used D300, the pictures would have been much rougher.


Aired futon

Fine weather lasting for days, I have aired my futon (mattress) day after day. The aired futon very effectively takes away tiredness.


Fujikyu 5700 series

This photograph of Fujikyu 5700 series electric train at Ohtusuki station was also taken on my way home from Kofu station where I went to photograph EF15s, on January 29, 1984, with my rail-fun friends. This train had been originally Odakyu 2200 series which I, as a schoolboy , used to see in my neighborhood.


Postal electric railcar

These photos of an postal electric railcar attached to an electric train of Minobu Line were also taken at Kofu station on January 29, 1984, when I was 13 years old. The trains running on Minobu Line at that time were painted wine‐red and white, symbolizing the grape vines of Yamanashi and the snow of Mount Fuji. In Japan, mail transportation by railway was abolished in 1986. The bag at the front in the fourth picture was mine.


ED1012, ED1041

I took these photographs of electric locomotives at Sohbudai-mae station of Odakyu Line, using the remaining film on my way home from Kofu station where I went, as a 13-year-old boy, to photograph EF15s, on January 29, 1984, with my rail-fun friends. It was not unusual in those days to see these electric locomotives run on Odakyu Line pulling freight cars.



Reading a blog by a railroad corporation's president I remembered when I was a junior high school student I went to Kofu station in Yamanashi prefecture with rail-fun friends to take photographs of the old style electric locomotives "EF15" which were scheduled to be out of service soon. Turning over the pages of the old album, I felt ashamed of my poor sense of photograph. I remembered that a kind engine shed stuff had admitted us hearing we came from Kanagawa.

Photographed January 29, 1984


Mind your own business

Although the saying "Mind your own business" is generally used to ask other people not to meddle in one's privacy, I often recall the idiomatic expression seeing people engrossed in criticizing their colleagues, superiors, compatriots, government, and so on. No other prejudice is as sure to shut the path to one's happiness as the prejudice that one can never pursue happiness except in ideal environment or society.


Mild coldness

The coldness of winter has been mild for the last few days. It stormed the night before last night but the wind was warm. Today I went shopping to the co‐op store without overcoat.


Abandoned mildewed nukadoko

The nukadoko (salted rice-bran paste to pickle vegetables) I had used replenishing over and over again since last year's summer unfortunately got covered with green mold at last. I abandoned the old nukadoko and begun to prepare the new one.


Washing not readily dries

There has come a season when it takes a long time for the washing to dry.


Stiffened muscles around the thoracic vertebras

Recently I am crazy over loosening stiffened muscles around my thoracic vertebras.


Strolled a forestry road

Having edited a video clip for ten straight hours today I went to a mountain valley which it took about an hour to visit from my place and strolled a forestry road enjoying fresh air and murmuring of a stream.


Soldier of greed

Today I read on twitter a former local assembly member deplore that "an institute in U.S." donates hundreds thousands copies of Ayn Rand' novels and essays to senior high schools every year. He was angry that in U.S. such fearful efforts were made day and night to implant "ultimate egoism" into the pure mind of young people and bring up soldiers of Greed Capitalism. I wondered why people who wanted to bring up "soldiers" tried to implant "egoism" into the target youth. Isn't it more reasonable to implant unselfishness for that purpose?


Vulgar taste

It is not unusual for me to be surprised to find that a man or woman who shows great competence in the field of business shows vulgar taste in the field of music.


Had two interviews a day

This morning I had an interview with an engineer of an industrial laboratory in Musashino City, Tokyo, and this afternoon I had an interview with two engineers of a device manufacturer in Yokohama City, Kanagawa. Both interviews were made for publicity articles of an apparatus. I did my best for both interviews and were tired.


A man called pirate

Today I finished reading a novel titled "A man called pirate," which drew its material from the life of Sazo Idemitsu, the founder of Idemitsu Kosan. This novel portrays only the bright side of the life of Sazo Idemitsu. Although the simplification makes the novel slightly superficial, I was moved profoundly by the great faith and behaviors of the hero. Ms. Kayoko Fujimori, the Japanese translator of Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead", said this novel depicted "Atlases who won't shrug." I agree with her.



Today I visited a photo exhibition titled "Ise Shrine's Periodic Rebuilding" held at Ginza, Tokyo. Ise Shrine is one of the most important Shintō shrines, located in the city of Ise in Mie Prefecture. Its buildings are rebuilt every 20 years as a part of the Shinto belief. The ceremonies, buildings, clothes, and people in pictures were very solemn and beautiful. But the earnestness of people who practice those terribly solemn ceremonies was still a mystery for me.


Image loosening

I sometimes use images in order to help my own muscular and skeletal structure become looser. Recently I use the image that my spinal column is loosened from all quarters by the loosened legs of my master.


Liberated from deadlines

After a long time I am liberated from deadlines for articles. But I still have many things I have to finish within this year.


Hard work

I am impressed by my recent hard work.


Mental effort

It requires much mental effort to write articles which can be read with no mental effort.


Weight of ankles

I recently noticed that it was very difficult for me to feel the weight of my own ankles and I am tackling the difficult problem in order to be able to make full use of the intrinsic faculties of my own body.


False belief

Seeing someone parading knowledge or information I often think that one of the terrifying things about language is that it makes us falsely believe that we know or understand something.


Unclear explanations

Because I seldom succeed in explaining what I want to explain, the less successfully one explains things which he or she wants to explain, the more interesting and reliable the things which he or she wants to explain seem to me.


The DVD of "We the Living" film version with Japanese subtitles at last on sale

Today, on November 10, the day Kira and Leo met again as they had promised in the story, the DVD of film version of Ayn Rand's "We the Living" with Japanese subtitles is at last on sale.

The film so closely follows the original novel that either version makes the other version more attractive.

I hope this DVD will help Ayn Rand fans increase in Japan.



I envy very much those whose writings or speeches which they write or speak amusing themselves amuse other people.


The real meaning of lyrics

It makes me feel ashamed a little to understand suddenly in my forties the real meaning of the words of a song which a musician wrote in his or her twenties and I often listened to and did not notice its real meaning in my twenties.


Ways to entrust jobs

Some jobs demand abilities which surpass the abilities of the entrusted while other jobs do not. There should be various differences between the way to entrust the former type of jobs and the way to entrust the latter type. Outsourcers of jobs that require creativity often make the mistake of treating freelances in a way to order part-time workers to do routine works.



I should appreciate those client companies which ruined my motivation to do my best to contribute to them because they gave me a good opportunity to give up the current unbeneficial and time-consuming job and look for a new job more suitable for me.


Meaningless advice

I can think of almost nothing I have succeeded in throughout my life and I don't think it to have any meaning to advise other people on things which I have never succeeded in. On rare occasions I think by mistake I can give some meaningful advice and find I was wrong.


5 years

On 4th November of 5 years ago I started this diary and have kept writing it with no missing day. Congratulations on my achievement. I hope my writing skill will be much better than now when I have kept writing this diary for 10 years.


Uninterrupted requests

Although since last summer I have made up my mind to stop working as a customer story writer as soon as there is no request for article production, requests come uninterruptedly and I can't begin hunting the next job.


Photograph phobia

Photographs used in posters posted in stations and trains, especially the ones taken in difficult conditions, often choke my heart, reminding me of the failures I made taking photographs as a job, and making me imagine possible failures I could make in future jobs.


Went to Maibara

Today I visited a racing manufacturer in Maibara, Shiga Prefecture, to have interview with its engineers. To save transportation expense, I did not use Shinkansen but use local trains. This morning I took a train leaving Zama at 5:21 a.m., and arrived Maibara at 0:17 p.m. I met the marketing staff of the client company at Maibara Station at 0:30 p.m., had an interview from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., and took a train leaving Maibara at 3:32 p.m. I stopped off at Toyohashi and had a set meal of Nameshi & Dengaku at tofu restaurant in the station building. And I will arrive Zama Station at 11:43 p.m. I saved about 10,000 Yen of the limited express fares.

A set meal of Nameshi & Dengaku at tofu restaurant in Toyohashi Station building.


Founder of an experiment facility

Preparing the interview I would have tomorrow with the engineers of an experiment facility, I found the blog by the founder of the facility. The blog was so interesting that I couldn't stop reading it. The founder of the facility had something in common with the architect whom I had lecture on the architectural background of the novel "The fountainhead," in the sense that they protested against bad customs of the industry they belonged to.


Thinking ability

As far as I know it is unusual that the thinking ability of those who say "How can we cultivate the thinking ability of young people?" seems to be cultivated. People who emphasize the importance of the thinking ability often despise scientific way of verification.


Went to Fukushima

Commissioned to produce a publicity article of an inspection device manufacturer, today I visited a world‐famous inkjet printer manufacturer in Fukushima, to have an interview with its technical experts. In the rental car on the way to and from the factory of the inkjet printer manufacturer which a marketing staff of the client drove, I talk with the marketing staff about the principle and plan of the writing over an hour. We made various differences of our views about the article clear and solved many of them.


Feeling the weight of my internal organs

Since a few days ago I enjoy practicing martial arts feeling the weight of my internal organs, in other words, feeling the relation between my internal organs and the earth.


Refusal of perception of weight

A few weeks ago I noticed that the back halves of my feet and legs had refused to be aware of the weight of my hold body and my feet and legs themselves, and the refusal of perception of weight had had bad influences on various functions of my body and mind.


Technical experts' hard times

When I visited a precision components manufacturer yesterday, I was given a pamphlet which advertises the technology the manufacturer was proud of. Reading the pamphlet today, I thought I didn't fully understand what kind of hard times technical experts had. Probably that was one of the reason my interview with the technical experts of the manufacturer went smoothly.


Went to Ohtsu

Commissioned to produce a publicity article of an inspection device manufacturer, today I visited a precision components manufacturer in Ohtsu, Shiga Prefecture, to have an interview with its technical experts. The thoroughness of my interview did not seem to satisfy the client.



People who complain about behavior of other people often seem to me just to have failed to learn to make other people willingly behave.


Too pushy

Advertisement writers have to write advertisement articles that arouse interest of the target readers. Some advertisement writers advocate techniques to induce the readers to read the articles, sometimes referring to techniques used in cartoons and films. I think it is important to bear in mind a difference between advertisement and entertainment. Basically the latter is appreciated with an attitude of active appreciation, while the former is not. Advertisement articles which are written with techniques of cartoons or films possibly give the target readers an impression of being too pushy.



One of the types of people I dislike and despise most is the one who believe the way the real society works and the way the real people live are unpardonably immoral and there are people who should be blamed for the ways the real society works and the real people live. They always wait a chance to grieve over the vicious society and the vicious life and to blame anyone to be blamed other than themselves. I make every effort to minimize contact with that kind of people. They erode my mind. When I held a meeting which unfortunately attracted that type of people, I made up my mind to hold no more similar meeting.



I was a child who quite often told lies. I told lies for various purposes, sometimes to make myself look great, sometimes to amuse other people, sometimes to conceal my sin or shame. Probably it was when I was about twelve years old that for the first time I wanted to stop telling lies. It took more than twenty years for me to learn to forbear from telling shameful lies since I decided to stop telling lies.



There seems to be no more than one out of ten people who adheres strictly to tell no lie. Bearing this ratio in mind, I rarely get angry at lies by other people.


Alignments and states of the bones, muscle, and internal organs

I can be happy by improving the alignments and states of my bones, muscle, and internal organs more easily than by trying to make my mood better, and much more easily than by trying to change other people or the world. Since I learned to improve the state of my own body, I rarely stick to the way other people do or the way the world be.



Since as a little child I hated the flavor of toothpaste for children, it had been my habit to use no toothpaste when brushing my teeth. Last month I found my teeth was very blackish, probably because of my new habit of drinking coarse tea. Immediately I bought toothpaste which was claimed to be effective in whitening teeth. Fortunately the claim was confirmed.



The ability to persuade other people often seems to prevent the owner of the ability from getting aware of errors of his own thoughts.


Source of memory

Sometime I have no idea whether a scene which has just come to my mind is my own experience I actually had, or my dream I had while sleeping, or a scene I saw in a drama or read in a book.


Extension of latitude of imagination and comprehension

I want to believe I can extend the latitude of my imagination and comprehension by trying always to meet the demands by clients who think highly of writing styles which disgust me.



The situation in which almost all the tasks I am offered and accept are of such kind that I am not sure I can complete meeting expectations of the client leads to self‐confidence if I succeed but leads to self‐hatred if I fail. Recently I fail more often than succeed.


Brief explanation

I am not good at explaining things briefly -- especially things which interest me a lot. Almost every time I try to talk about what occupies my interest, I find the listener bored or am said "Could you explain it more briefly?" before I have talked for half a minute. So I make it a rule not to try to talk about things which I cannot explain within half a minute.


Dream of zebras

Although it is reasonable for a zebra to wish to live comfortably without fear of being prayed on by lions, it is ridiculous for a human to try to persuade lions to give up praying on zebras, or to try to exterminate lions in order to abolish predation. Few social reformers can be saved from this kind of ridiculousness.


Governance based on goodwill

This week I watched a movie titled "Metropolis" (1927) by Fritz Lang on DVD. I thought the movie had been made by those who had no idea how dreadful the governance based on goodwill could be.


Nagging clients

To be favored by nagging clients is honorable and improving but troublesome.


A leap

A mathematics teacher whom I was taught by when I was a student said considering "one" of "one apple" as the same thing as "one" of "one orange" was a great leap. In this sense comparing the risks of different things may be too great a leap for people to accept.


Always have trouble

Writing publicity articles, I always have trouble making the articles easy to understand and at the same time not giving impression of low intelligence.


When I get more taciturn than usual

How I grew up is one of the most difficult things for me to explain and things which cannot be explained without explaining it are also. At the situation when I am required to explain such things I get more taciturn than usual.


The rule of law

Sometimes I think the situation in which I can take no part in the decision‐making of the laws but the rule of law is kept may be better than the situation in which I can take part in the decision‐making of the laws but the rule of law is not kept. In this sense I cannot eagerly oppose the rule of law to be forced by a foreign government.


Recorded voice

When I began to work as an interview writer 4 years ago, I was shocked to hear my voice and way of speaking recorded while interview. My voice was ugly and my way of speaking was obsequious. Recently my voice recorded seldom disappoints me. I may have got insensitive. I may have been accustomed to my voice. But I want to believe my way of speaking has improved by hearing my recorded interviews over and over again. Hearing people making a speech poor in substance and productivity in a public place, I cannot help hoping they once record and hear their own speech.


Such a kind of novel

Hearing people talking about The novel The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand I think that reviewers of this novel reveal the attitude with which they live their own life.



To write a publicity article of a measuring device, this morning I visited a user company which manufactures plastic parts in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture. Osaka is famous for takoyaki, or a snack consisting of octopus (tako), chopped scallions, and pickled ginger cooked in wheat-flour batter. The managing director of the plastic parts manufacture explained the technology of injection molding comparing to the special griddle for takoyaki, which had hemispheric cavities. On my way home, I stop over at Nanba, which was especially famous for takoyaki. I stepped in a takoyaki stall. Unfortunately, I was not very fond of the stall's takoyaki. The batter of the takoyaki was too lax.


Soil ground

Recently I often use long‐distance buses for business trip. Long‐distance buses have a rest stop every one or two hours at a service area. While a rest stop, I walk on soil as much as possible. Soil ground revitalizes my body much more than paved one.


Normal life

When people say that they want to live "normal life", probably the "normal" does not necessarily mean "average" or "mode" or "median" from a statistical point of view. I guess the "normal" has something to do with the dignity of human being. The idea occurred to me when I thought about the essence of the charm of songs by a Japanese musician, Nakajima Miyuki.


Ability to grasp the concept of risk

Sometime I think that the mind which can grasp the concept of risk may as much differ from that which cannot grasp it as the vertebrate animal differs from the invertebrate from the point of view of evolution.


Bad style and poor skill

I find it very difficult to write about what I like too much. Attachment to a subject makes me intolerant of my bad style and poor skill in writing about it.


How can I avoid irritating impatient interviewees?

I would like to know how to avoid irritating impatient interviewees by other means than quickening the tempo of questioning.


Labors and laborers

Thinking more highly of brain labors than muscular labors is not the same thing as thinking more highly of brain laborers than muscular laborers. The labors which muscular laborers do contain brain labors. I think Ayn Rand is misunderstood in this respect too.


Volume and tempo

I got informed about the person I would interview next week. The client said he was so impatient, and was anxious about my weak voice and slow tempo with which I usually interviewed. I will have to do my best not to irritate the impatient interviewee.


Teapot and earwax

A few months ago I bought a teapot, and since then I have made it a habit to take a rest making and drinking a cup of green tea. Till then I had made it a habit to take a rest cleaning my ears with an ear pick. Since I bought a teapot, earwax tends to collect in my ears.


Package of scissors

I bought a pair of scissors because I had something to cut promptly while going out and I was surprised to find that the package of the scissors needed scissors to be opened.


An hour sleep

Having stayed up all night the night before last, I woke up just after sleeping an hour and could not sleep again last night.


Joyful essays

I am bad at writing joyful essays. If I write an essay intending to amuse readers, the result should be the opposite. All I can do is to write intelligible essays.



It is disappointing to face the fact my work is not first‐ but second‐rate.



Yesterday I wrote that I was recently often offered works that require much creativity. But I rethought. I cannot create what the customer wants. I can be creative only of the means by which I materialize what the customer wants.


Offered one after another

Although I have never regarded myself as creative person, recently I am offered works one after another that require much creativity.



For creators it is difficult to create what the creator himself cannot regard as great. So even when it is instructed in detail what he should create, he tend to create not what the client regards as great but what he himself regard as great.


The real autumn has come

It got very cool. The real autumn has come. I am making I am making much progress with my works.



It is my recent discovery that while seeing others behaving shamefully some people decide not to behave similarly other people decide to behave similarly.



Today I heard great stories from a great architect. I was very impressed.


Well received

This week I wrote a few articles for my hobby. Fortunately, there were a few people who eagerly admired my work.


Time slows

Time is said to be felt to go faster as one grows older. But recently I feel time goes slower than last year. The beginning of this year is just like a few years ago.



My schedule in the latter half of this September is getting tighter and tighter.



As a home work of an English training course, I was told to forecast the world situation 7 years from now. I expect world trade liberalization to be progressed more than now.


One after another

Things I want to do emerge one after another. I won't be bored till I die.


7 years from now

As a home work of an English training course, I was asked what I think I will be doing in the summer of 2020 when the Olympics is held in Tokyo, Japan. That is a great question. The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games held in my own country in 7 years is less difficult to imagine than things general in 7 years.  With what feeling do I want to watch the opening ceremony of The 2nd Tokyo Olympic? As a 49-years-old man, what should I do in order to watch the ceremony with the feeling? By asking these questions to myself, surely I can live much better 7 years from now.


Flesh‐eating and grass‐eating

Today I noticed a matter of course. Being a flesh‐eating animal means that it preys on living things which move about for themselves. Being a grass‐eating animal means that it preys on living things which don't move about for themselves. Predation of living things which move about and that of living things which don't move about require different kind of usage of brain. We tend to fail to notice the fact because we eat meat which was stopped moving. If we abstain from catching things which move about, our brain should get weak.



Of all the homeworks set in the English learning course I am taking, the most depressing was that in which I was told to listen to the trailer of an old movie and write a sales message in Japanese in time to the trailer. I was shocked because I could hardly catch what was said in the trailer in English. I thought I could catch only narrations made for English-as-a-second-language learners.


Starlit sky

I have never seen as breathtakingly beautiful a starlit sky as that I saw at the Shiretoko Pass when I was seventeen years old. I want to see a starlit sky more beautiful than that before I die.


Reaction to errors

For example if someone says "The capital of United States of America is New York" we can reply either "It is Washington, D.C." or "You are ignorant." I would like to  avoid replying by the latter way.



The purpose for which we regard ourselves to be saying or doing something often differs from that for which other people regard us to be saying or doing it. In order to keep aware of our real intention of our own utterance and action, it is important to keep paying attention to the gap between them.



One of the luckiest things in my life is that I met many great teachers and have been taught by them. I owe it to those great teachers that I still keep learning many things and growing.


Had a little aversion to myself

Today I undertook production of an interview article requested by a company the order by which I had decided not to accept again. I had a little aversion to myself.


Talked with an Ayn Rand fan about the movie "Fountainhead" over 10 hours

Today I met a member of Tokyo Ayn Rand Reader's Meeting at Shyonandai, Fujisawa-city, and talked about the movie "Fountainhead" from 1:30 p.m. to 11 40 p.m. I heard very deep story and analysis about the movie "Fountainhead" and movies as a whole.


Mimetic words

The mimetic words in Japanese language are very helpful in improving human performance at individual level. I wish I could teach non-native speakers of Japanese to use the mimetic words with feeling.


Reports and interpretations

Surprisingly, many people think they can know the intention of governments of foreign countries based on reports and interpretations by other people. I can't think I can, considering how things are different between when observed from outside and when doing for myself.


How can I prove my own identity without external means

As a homework of an English training course, I was asked "How can you prove you are you, without using external means like a driver's license, a passport, or testimonies by your family or friends?" Probably this blog or my Facebook page helps me convince strangers I am I. But if "external means" include the blog or my Facebook page, I have no idea how to prove my identity. Proof by fingerprints or genes also requires data which are registered to an external database. If one could prove his or her identity without using external means, or by only his or her own testimony or performance, there would be need of personal identification numbers.


August is ending

August is ending. It has got cooler since the beginning of this week, especially at night.


Why air is invisible while "transparent" water is visible (2)

I still think about the question by a 6-year-old girl -- "Why air is invisible while "transparent" water is visible?" Yesterday I explained the difference between things invisible and visible by the looseness of combination among molecules. I noticed this explanation was scientifically not proper enough. To my explanation, the girl can ask back, "Then why glass is transparent while milk is opaque? The combination among the molecules of milk seems to be more loose than that of glass. If transparency of a matter is determined by the degree of looseness of combination among the molecules that make up it, milk has to be more transparent than glass," -- although a 6-year-old girl does not talk that logically. Obviously the point is not the looseness of combination among the molecules. I have to explain to her that light is not a mere thing like a ball, but a wave like a sound. I have to make a 6-year-old girl understand that the essence of transparency is passing of light as a wave through a matter. I have no confidence I can.


Why air is invisible while "transparent" water is visible

A woman of my acquaintance said that her 6-year-old daughter had asked her "Why air is invisible while "transparent" water is visible?" I thought for a while how I would answer the 6-year-old girl's question. Although I am not sure of scientific properness, I would explain like, "You said water is visible. But is it always true? How about when you are in a completely dark room with no light? If there is a glass tank full of water in the room, you can see nothing, even the water. So you see, if something is "visible," that means rays from the Sun or lamps bounce off the surface of the thing and arrive at your eyes. A thing is invisible if there is no ray of light. It is also invisible if no ray of light can bounce off it. Imagine you throw a ball to the wall. If the wall is solid enough, the ball bounces off the wall and comes back to you. If the wall is as soft as tofu, the ball cannot bounce off the wall and come back to you. Everything is made up of very very small particles which are called "molecules." The molecules which make up of air combine with each other so loosely that no ray of light can bounce off air. So we cannot see air. The molecules which make up of water combine with each other less loosely than those of air. So although most of rays of light pass through water, a part of them bounce off water. The rays of light which pass through water bounce off the things beyond the water. So you can see water, while you can also see the things beyond the water. You said water is visible. But water can be invisible even where there are rays of light. That is when the water evaporates. Evaporated water becomes air. It is invisible."


Minimization of tragedies

Every time a serious affair that influences society happens, loud voices that demand a government to take measures to keep similar affairs from happening again are expressed in the media. I used to sympathize with such voices, till I learned about libertarian's way of thinking. Although I still don't think every regulation and supervision by a government should be abolished, now I can't agree with such ideas that tragedies should be minimized using the power of government. Such attempts cause inevitably more tragedies through inefficiency and erroneous decisions. Excessive trust in a government prevents people to keep sound cautiousness and judgment which are necessary to protect them from tragedies.


Practiced all day

Today I practiced martial arts all day. Recently I made so little progress that I was on the edge of giving up. Today's practice restored my enthusiasm.


Aiming the summit

There was a time when I avoided climbing mountains to their summit even when I went for hiking to mountainous areas. At that time I felt that aiming the summit prevented me from enjoying tiny scenes like flowers, trees, streams and so on along the way. Recently I climb to the summit, indifferently to such oversights. Now mountain climbing is almost just an exercise for me.


Long‐distance bus trip

I use to hesitate to use long‐distance buses for fear that I should be too tired to act normally after getting off the bus. Recently I unconcernedly take a four or five hours' bus trip. The comfortableness of bus trip has improved greatly for the past ten years.


Pickled gumbo in nukadoko

Gumbo is one of the vegetables I often buy at a supermarket and cook. I usually boil it and season it with soy sauce and kezuribushi, or dried bonito shavings. Today I leaned that gumbo could be used as an ingredient of nukazuke. Nukazuke is vegetables pickled in salted rice-bran paste, called nukadoko. I right away tried. Nukazuke of gumbo was very tasty. Its flavor was a combo of sweetness, hotness, crispiness and stickiness.


A house made up of sweets

People who indulge in idealistic arguments bearing no relation to the realities of life are often described as "the inside of their brain is a field of flowers." That's very vivid expression. But that seems to me the expression from the outside, not from the inside. I mean, looking back on myself when I indulged in idealistic arguments, I cannot describe the mentality of myself of those days "a field of flowers." If anything, I would rather describe the ideals I held at that time as "a house made up of sweets." The uplift of emotion I felt when I heard for the first time the expression "a house made up of sweets" was exactly the same as that I felt toward the ideals I held at that time. And the impossibility of those two were also common.


Tax reduction to higher income class

In yesterday's TV program "NHK Special: New rich class vs. States--Conflicts over Wealth--", the tax reduction to higher income class by George W. Bush administration was critically described on the ground that the policy did not benefit lower income class. There is little possibility that I become a large income earner, but I don't think tax reduction to higher income class is unfair even if it does not benefit lower income class. I regard it as the matter of ethics rather than benefit. Such way of view was given by Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged." I think this novel is more valuable for those who want to live ethically than for those who want to live in affluence.


Disappointed by "NHK Special"

Today a documentary program titled "The new rich class vs. States: Conflicts over Wealth" was broadcasted on NHK, the Japanese public broadcasting system. I looked forward to watching this program, because last May the director of this program asked me about Ayn Rand on e-mail. He said he had met a rich person in U.S. who referred to "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand as the background of his or her thoughts. I expected the name of Ayn Rand was for the first time in Japanese history referred to on TV. But unfortunately, Ayn Rand was not referred to on the program. The program itself was disappointing too. In the program, they depicted the rich people who migrate to light tax states like Singapore and the government officials. Probably most of the viewer of the program only thought that international regulations should be reinforced in order to impose tax on those rich people.


Reading a guide book about statistics

I am reading a guide book about statistics. I often encounter arguments which seems wrong statistically, but I cannot confidence because of my lack of deep knowledge about statistics. I want to cover the lack.


Change of place, change of brain

I've heard a theory that because living things have evolved in order to adapt themselves to violent changes of their surroundings, if we want to develop our brain we must change our place of residence periodically. Although the logic seems to be slightly unsound, the change of environment can stimulate our brain for sure. I want to lead a nomadic life after the circumstances which bind me to my current place are gotten rid of.



Because meals which are regarded as sumptuous rarely provide carbohydrates sufficiently, it is highly probable that we want to eat noodles or chazuke after finishing such meals.


The best drink I had ever drunk

Asked what was the best drink I had ever drunk, I remembered the coffee I drank about 15 years ago at a visitor center of Kiyosato Highland in Yamanashi Prefecture. Having strayed into a mountain trail without enough food and drink and wandered about for several hours, I arrive at the visitor center at last, and drank a cup of coffee which was served free by a pump pot. The coffee was so good that I was surprised. At the next of the pump pot of coffee, there was a water jug. Drinking the water, I understand why the coffee was so good. I thought the taste of the water could be a reason for which I moved to the place.


Costs of maintenance of mountain trails

Every time I go hiking in Tanzawa, I am impressed by efforts of the authorities to protect mountain trails and their surrounding forests. The costs of these efforts must be shouldered by the local public bodies. I think climbers should pay these costs in the form of the admission fee.



I bought an electric hair trimmer and cropped my own hair with it. I may have cut it too short.


Non-alcohol beer

A few days ago, I bought for the first time non-alcohol beer, tempted by a sales campaign in which they increased the amount a can from 350 ml to 500 ml leaving the price unchanged. The taste was not so bad thinking of the price. But 500 ml was too much to drink without being intoxicated by alcohol.


Muscle pain

Although Mount Tanzawa is higher than Mount Tō, the views from the summit and trail of Mount Tanzawa was much less great than those from the summit and trail of Mount Tō. Getting to the summit of Mount Tanzawa had only the meaning of sport and collection. Today I have muscle pain at the lower half of the body.


Climbed Mount Tō and Mount Tanzawa

Today I climbed Mount Tō, 1,490.9 m, and Mount Tanzawa, 1,567.1 m. I had thought my scarce physical strength did not allow me to go up to Mount Tanzawa and return in one day. So today's climb gave me self‐confidence.



When I was in junior high school I was criticized by my homeroom teacher that I easily gave up things. What she meant was that I hardly expected my classmates to improve their behaviors. When I was in high school I was hospitalized because of a lung trouble and admired by a nurse that I was very patient. What she meant was that I never groaned even when I was punctured at my chest. Probably I am short of active patience but rich in passive patience. Although there was a time when I tried to change my character, recently I rather try to find a way of living in which I can do things well with this character.



If I abstain from the internet and telephone for 2 weeks, I would feel as if I were a victim of a marine or mountain accident who lost contact with any other people. Almost everybody who holds an important position in my life is tied with me through the internet or telephone.


The ideal last moment

The last moment of life that I think of ideal is that at which both the pain I feel myself and the burden I impose on other people are the minimum. I want to die without noticing I die. If I can, I want to die even without being noticed by other people where far from human habitation and go back into the earth. The second best story is that I die at my place having prepared the expense and the procedure of my funeral.


Mail label

Repeat orders delight me so much that I often accept orders from the companies which I decided I would never have dealings with. In order to prevent that, I created a label on Gmail which was named "Damn companies, I would never have dealings with them!" and created a filter which automatically classified the e-mails from those companies under the label.


Translated lyric of "SONG OF SEASHORE"

As a homework of an English training course, I translated the lyric of Japanese song "SONG OF SEASHORE" written in 1916.
Walking on morning seashore
recalls the bygone days.
The sound of wind,
the shape of cloud,
the surf,
and the color of shellfishes.

Wandering on evening seashore
recalls the bygone woman.
The surging waves,
the subsiding waves,
the color of the moon,
the glittering of stars.


Breaking off business connection

As a matter of course I won't continue dealing with companies which commit antisocial actions, no matter big or famous they are. The actions which I consider are antisocial include demanding an advertisement writer to write an interview article in which their customers say what the customers actually didn't say.


Future prospects

When I was in my thirties while almost no one recognized in me any blight future I myself believed in my blight future. Now that I am in my forties while some people fortunately recognize in me some blight future I myself can hardly believe in my blight future.



I have thought that those who report quite often on their blog or Facebook how they are active in both business and private life like themselves very much. But perhaps they do not like themselves but like to be liked by other people. Probably those who like themselves very much are indifferent to whether they are liked by other people or not.



In my impression those who despise intelligence are more argumentative than those who respect it.



I finished writing an article I had took pains to write for a week. I don't know why it brings that much physical fatigue to try to write things difficult to write.



When I was a junior high school student, I dreamed of being an engineer who developed high technology devices in Japanese big manufacturers like Sony, Canon, etc. I decided to aim at a technical junior college, but my parents suggested me to go on to an academic high school and then go to the department of technology of a university. I obeyed the suggestion and go on to an high school centered on preparing students to get into university. I failed to follow the mathematics class at the high school, and I gave up the dream of being an engineer. If I had not changed my decision to aim at a technical junior college, my life would have been quite different.



As a homework of an English training course, I was told to translate the lyric of the following Japanese popular song of 31 years ago.


A deck chair which seems to be cool invites me
I take a sip of apple liquor
You jump into a swimming pool
and blowing a kiss with the little finger
wink, wink, wink...

Chasing a dream with a color of everlasting summer
I catch you and swim
I am a mermaid with bare feet
with sun tanned skin

A tanned skin get wet with the sparkling spray
How malicious of you to aim at dozing me

You wink, wink, wink...
saying with a straight face
"You are pretty even while you sulk"

I hate you
I love you

I am kidding
I am serious

Chasing a dream with a color of everlasting summer
I catch you and swim
I am a mermaid with bare feet
with sun tanned skin

I hate you
I love you

What a silly lyric.


Intellectual activities

Before I started to lean Japanese traditional martial arts as I entered University when I was 19 years old, I vaguely hoped that I would contribute to society in some intellectual field. As I leaned Japanese traditional martial arts, I lost trust in purely intellectual activities.


Classic book reading plan

I decided to read one classic book every month at the end of 2008. I kept to my decision until February 2012, when one of my family died and I had to move my place and got very busy. My desire to be a more cultured man was not strong enough to make me stick to the practice.



A funeral is said to be held for the sake of survivors. I do not entirely agree with the opinion. Certainly priority should be given to the emotion and convenience of survivors over the deceased. But I do not think the deceased deserves no consideration at a funeral because his or her awareness ceased to exist. I believe the cells which make up a dead body have a kind of awareness, and we can calm the awareness of cells of a dead body at a funeral.



In daily conversation, a question is asked in order not so much to inquire something as to be asked about the matter -- and to boast of something by answering the question. When we are asked "Why do you think we celebrate a birthday?", we should think that the questioner wants to be asked "Do you celebrate someone's birthday soon?" and to boast of something by answering the question -- say, it will be his daughter's birthday soon, or he will present something expensive for her birthday.


Broadcasted on the coming August 18

I'm looking forward to watching a documentary program which wall be broadcasted on NHK General TV from 21:00 to 21:49 of the coming August 18. The program is titled "Richstan and States -- redistribution of wealth at issue," and broadcasted as "NHK Special", one of the most authoritative documentary programs in Japan. Last May, I got e-mail from a director of the program. He inquired me about Ayn Rand, a fan organization of whom I preside over. He said that, making a program from a viewpoint of "the confrontation between the wealthy class and the states", they had met a rich person in U.S. who referred to "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand as the background of his or her thoughts. I don't know whether the name "Ayn Rand" will be referred to in the program. But I hope thanks to the program many Japanese people will know Ayn Rand and read her novels.



Asked what was my favorite Japanese dialect word, I hit upon no answer. Although I don't hate other people to use dialects, I usually avoid using dialects. I thought over why I did not like to use dialect words very much. I guess that is because using dialect words almost equals giving up telling things to as diverse people as possible, as plainly and objectively as possible.


Wonderfully fortunate

I knew yesterday I had lost a chance of catching a wonderful happiness which maybe I could catch. But I thought I had been wonderfully fortunate just to have a glimpse of possibility of catching the happiness which for many years I had not thought I could catch, and also fortunate to avoid imposing physical and mental burdens on other people in order to actually catch the happiness.



Recently I seldom feel envy at somebody's success. I hope I have not lost a desire to improve myself.



Anti‐capitalists believe that a capitalist can obtain surplus value merely by buying labor and forcing laborers to work, no matter what kind of work it may be. But that is not true. Needless to say, a capitalist loses his capital if the product or service he forced the laborers to produce does not sell. If a capitalist makes a profit, that is because he saw through consumers' wants and needs correctly and made the investment necessary to provide the product or service that solve the wants and needs. A capitalist always takes risks, and judges what has value for the consumers. On the contrary, the profit which a bureaucrat gains in the communism society does not depend on whether his judge about consumers' needs and wants was correct or not.



Recently I am watching again the film "The Fountainhead" on DVD. The defeat of Gail Wynand near the end touches me to the heart. Maybe I am beginning to regard myself as a loser.


Bicycle chain off

Today I went to a co‐op store 2 km away form my place by bicycle. At parking space I let my bicycle fall down by accident. Then the chain of my bicycle was off. When I finished shopping and left the store, it begun to rain. I couldn't repair the bicycle. I had to come home on foot in the rain.


Next job

Now I am looking for a new job by which I can earn more steadily than by the one now I am doing. I think the jobs in which I don't have to use PC are more desirable because I want to use PC in order to pursue personal interests.


Rising hurdle

Last week I had interviews with users of a measuring instrument at two companies, in order to produce advertisement articles of the instrument. The marketing staff of the maker of the measuring instrument was so good a listener that I talked about difficulties of producing good interview articles. I talked about it so much that I have to submit extremely good article to him.


Posted translated the Wikipedia article "Ayn Rand" to Japanese Wikipedia

Today I posted the article "Ayn Rand" which I translated from English Wikipedia into Japanese to Japanese Wikipedia. I couldn't find Ayn Rand's fine portrait in Wikimedia Commons. I wish were there one for her works to be spread.



Until I moved to the house where now I live, I lived near a fitness club. I was a member of the club and used its large bathroom almost everyday. Since I moved to this house, I rarely use the bathtub and only use the shower in order to save gas and water. But recently I thought it might be because I had stopped to use the bathtub that I have got gradually worse at recovery from fatigue. So yesterday and today I used the bathtub. I felt it had an effect.


Went to Nagoya by bus

This morning I visited an ironworks in Nagoya, to produce a publicity article of a measuring instrument. This time I used for the first time the daytime expressway bus to go to Nagoya. On the outward journey, it cost 2,910 Yen from Tokyo to Nagoya. On the homeward journey, it cost 4,270 Yen from Nagoya to Atsugi. It took about five hours from Tokyo to Nagoya. I could write articles in the bus. I think I will use the bus again.

On the outward journey, at Tokyo Station.

At Ashigara S.A.

On the homeward journey, at Hamanako S.A.

At Ashigara S.A. with Mount Fuji.

At Atsugi Bus Stop


True life

I sometimes wonder whether a life in which we don't regard our own life as a "true life" and always pursue some "true life" other than our own life as it is can be called "true life."


A day off

I took mostly a day off today. I got on a train about 40 minutes and went to Shohnan seashore. I took off my shoes and walked barefoot along the shore. As the sand of beach was too heated by sunbeams to walk barefoot, I walked on the concrete road. I hope my brain was well stimulated by heat and pain through the soles of my feet. I came home in the early evening, and drank a canned beer. I ate natto, or fermented soybeans, as today is natto's day (in Japanese 7 is pronounced "nana" and 10 is "to").


Visited a city where I lived about 20 years ago

For a business trip, yesterday I visited a city where I lived when I was a student about 20 years ago. I went to a curry and rice restaurant I often used then, a dormitory where I lived for 5 years then, and walked a riverbank where I often took a walk then.


Last weekend

Last weekend I visited a man and his wife who have been very kind to my family in all sorts of ways. They said they would be continuously kind to my family. While I was very thankful to them, I thought I had to be strong enough not to be too dependent on them.


Habitualization tool

Google Calendar is helpful in acquiring a habit like writing diary, learning foreign language, and so on. You can set schedules repeated at regular intervals like every day or once a week, and get notification send to your mailer. By making it a habit to delete the notification mail after finishing the schedule, you can acquire a habit of finishing the schedule.



As far as I can remember, I have recommended no goods to my friends for almost 20 years. The last product I advised my friends to buy was a training gear called "Yuru-Yuru Boh" (Loosening Bars). "Yuru-Yuru Boh" consists of two wooden round bars with a diameter of three centimeters, one of which is forty centimeters long, the other of which is fifteen centimeters long. You set the two round bars crosswise on the floor with longer one over shorter one, and stand on longer one. As two bars set crosswise are round, your feet get never steady. So by standing on "Yuru-Yuru Boh," your sense of balance is trained. When I stood on "Yuru-Yuru Boh" for the first time seventeen years ago, I was so moved that I advised many friends to buy it. But none of my friend was as moved as me by "Yuru-Yuru Boh." So since then I gave up recommending something I was moved by.


Slow thinker

I have expected that by spending much time on solving difficult problems I will be able to solve difficult problems quickly someday. But we won't be able to run very fast by keeping walking slowly. Perhaps I am expecting the same kind of thing.


Can his (or her) other ways which I like remain unhurt?

One of my mottoes is "Don't try to change others." Whoever advise him (or her) to change his (or her) way he (or she) won't unless he (or she) feel he (or she) needs to. If no one advise him (or her) to change his (or her) way he (or she) will when he (or she) feel he (or she) needs to. Of course it is not rare for me to want someone to change his or her way of thinking, talking, acting, and so on. In such case I ask myself "If he (or she) change his (or her) way which I don't like, can his (or her) other ways which I like remain unhurt?" The answer is mostly no, and I lost the desire to change his (or her) way which I don't like.


Business trip planning

When I was children, I liked to read a train timetable book daydreaming about traveling throughout Japan. As I have grown up, I like jobs which involve a trip. When I make plans for my business trip, I often inquire about means of transportation more minutely than necessary.



As a homework of an English training course, I was told to write about my favorite sports. Can I call hiking a sport? I guess I can, if we define sports as physical activities done for the sake of physical activities. Many sports involve competition. I can't be crazy about competitions. Many sports require teamwork. I am not good at teamwork. I like hiking because it involves neither competition nor teamwork necessarily.


Pain continues

The pain in my left chest continues. Today my right chest also started to ache. If the pains of both sides were of same kind, I would feel relieved, because at least they are not caused by the heart. But they are not. I am anxious a little.


Slight cardiac infarction?

Today on my way home from a grocery store, pedaling my bicycle, I suddenly got a sensation like cramp in my left chest. Perhaps I got a slight cardiac infarction. I thought I could die. Now the pain has almost calmed down. I may have been short of sleep. It may have been caused by a lack of sleep.


To take lessons from instructors

As a homework of an English training course, I was questioned when, how long, or of what type I thought it was appropriate or inappropriate to take lessons from professional instructors. I am not sure if I can appropriately judge till when and of what type I should take lessons to learn something from professional instructors. To be able to judge about the appropriate length of learning and the appropriate type of instructor, I have to know about the thing which I will learn as thoroughly as the instructor whom I will take lessons from. I can't think what I know thoroughly before I learn is much worth learning for me.



Employees of companies rarely think and speak about their jobs from the point of view of their company. So when I write publicity articles made up of interviews toward employees, I have to translate their words into the ones appropriate from the point of view of outside.


The most beautiful starlit night I have ever seen

As a homework of an English training course, I was told to write something about stars. The most beautiful starlit night I have ever seen was that which I saw from the Shiretoko Pass in Shiretoko National Park, Hokkaido, Japan, when I had a cycling tour alone thorough the eastern region of Hokkaido for my summer holiday of high school 25 years ago. The parent staff of the youth hostel I stayed at, which was at the foot of the Shiretoko Mountain Chain, gave us a ride in their car to the pass. I saw for the first time a night sky where the sky was narrowly seen through the tightly crammed stars.


Writing an interview article to an engineer of a camera maker

I am writing an interview article to an engineer of a famous camera maker. It is very difficult to write because I have to explain by words how advanced technologies are used to actualize various actions of various components of cameras.


Finished translating the article of "Ayn Rand" on Wikipedia

I have finished translating the article of "Ayn Rand" on Wikipedia into Japanese. I'm afraid the content may be too detailed for Wikipedia users in Japan.


Translated lyric of Natsu No Hana (Flowers Of Summer)

As a homework of an English training course, I was told to translate the lyric of the following Japanese pop song. The lyric was very difficult to translate, because I couldn't imagine the scenes and emotions it depicted. ------------------------------------------------
Flowers Of Summer

I can't smile lovely without you
'cause since some time
I've been fascinated by you so much
I've been made defenseless

I am wishing for nothing more
than to live in some common town
cherishing the precious affection

We saw flowers of summer
in the sky fall flitting in the wind
Each moment we dreamt together
lasted eternally
No matter how limitlessly I love you
in this limited course of time
no longer I can see the glitter
that poured on the night sky
I don't know to what to liken
the affection I hold
toward those days in my heart


Back and front of the trunk

Training myself in making free use of each spines separately in course of practicing martial arts, I started feel as if my back was the front side of the trunk while my breast and stomach were the back side.


Genius for language learning

As a homework of an English training course, I was questioned what I thought about the following video.
The speaker raises an objection against a Japanese linguist's book entitled "Seven false ideas about English learning". The seven "false ideas" are:
1. English grammar is unnecessary for learning English.
2. The younger you are, the better you can learn English.
3. If you study abroad, you are sure to master English.
4. You can learn English most effectively by the same process as you learned your mother tongue.
5. You can learn English most effectively by learning under native English speakers.
6. English is one of the most easiest foreign language to master.
7. There is one ideal, scientific method for everybody to learn English.
He is very persuasive because his fluent Japanese seems to prove the effectiveness of the method he adopted to learn foreign languages. But it is often said "Great players are not always great coach". I can't believe I can master English by the same process as I learned Japanese.


Gochisoh sama

As a homework of an English training course, I was told to explain the meaning and usage of "Gochisoh sama" to  non‐Japanse speakers. "Gochisoh sama" is a Japanese idiom you use to express your thanks when you finish meal. "Gochisoh" means delicious foods prepared with great care. "Sama" is an honorific title. You can use "Gochisoh sama" to thank anyone and anything for what you have just finished eating or drinking. So you can say "Gochisoh sama" to the staffs of a restaurant, someone who treated you to a meal, all the people who took part in the production and distribution of the foods, the ecological system which supplied the materials, some spiritual existence like god, and so on.



As a homework of an English training course, I was told to write about Michael Jackson. When I was in junior high school almost every student around me mimicked Michael Jackson's Moon Walk. When he died surprisingly many people mourned his death and admired his greatness as an artist and entertainer. I heard he was recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records. No other musicians than Michael Jackson have gained people's estimation and affection farther apart from mines. I sometimes want to hum a tune of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Madonna... but none of Michael Jackson.


Serial TV dramas

As a homework of an English training course, I was questioned what were my two most favorite serial TV dramas and why. I have watched no TV drama for more than 20 years. Out of few serial TV dramas I have ever watched, the following two left some impression on me.

1. "Aisazuniwa Irarenai" (Cannot help loving) 1980 NHK
Created by: James Miki, Naonori Kawamura
Starring: Takizo Kawatani, Toshie Negishi

In this drama, a male carpenter who is in his thirties, single, plain‐looking, and attending a part‐time high school, falls in love with a female teacher of this high school, who is also plain‐looking. I watched this drama when I was about sixteen. I guess it was because I had an strong inferiority complex about my appearance at that time that I felt sympathy for the romance of those plain‐looking man and woman.

2. Dharma & Greg 1997-2002 (broadcasted in Japan 1999-2002 on NHK)
Created by: Dottie Dartland, Chuck Lorre
Starring: Jenna Elfman, Thomas Gibson

The heroine was extremely open and sexy. I guess I was  charmed by the heroine because she had personality quite opposite to me. And I couldn't help applauding the ingenious depictions of the stupidities of thoughts and behaviors which establishment-pretenders and anti-establishment-pretenders showed.


Useless hesitation

Probably I am spending too many minutes hesitating over whether to do or not to do something troublesome. There have been many things if I had decided to put off doing and take a rest I could have finished in fewer hours.


I didn't know

Today I submitted my answer to the question what was difference among "I miss you", "I love you", and "I want to see you". The teacher of the English training course told us that "miss" did not necessarily imply sexual emotion. I was told "I miss you" was commonly used as a greeting between close friends. I didn't know that.


I miss you, I love you, I want to see you

As a homework of an English training course, I was questioned what was difference among "I miss you", "I love you", and "I want to see you". I guess the following equation holds:
"I miss you" = "I love you" + "I want to see you".
So you can simultaneously imply "I love you" and "I want to see you" by saying "I miss you".

The above equation can be transformed into:
"I miss you" - "I love you" = "I want to see you".
So if you want to see a woman but never love her, you must not say "I love you" but "I want to see you".

Furthermore, the above equation can be transformed into:
"I miss you" - "I want to see you" = "I love you".
So if you miss a woman and solve the emotion by action, i.e. by going to see her, you say first of all say to her "I love you".


High‐grade camera

For a reason, today I borrowed a camera which was of higher-grade than the one I always used. It yielded much finer pictures than mine. But I noticed that higher‐grade cameras also revealed the unbeautifulness of unbeautiful objects. Higher‐grade cameras are more difficult to handle than lower-grade cameras.


Ordinarily people's utopia

Even the most merciless rulers in history can have never built societies as brutal as societies those who have never seized political power imagine as ideal. Or rather, it may be because they imagine societies as brutal as any societies in history as ideal that they have never seized political power. Of those people, those who have a glibber tongue are called political pundits or political scientists.


Unscientific reasoning

I feel inclined to assert what those who assert things almost harmless to our health to be harmful based on unscientific reasoning assert is harmful is harmless. Of course it is unscientific reasoning.


Not waste of time

A few days ago I called the attempt for me to change other people's opinion through discussion "waste of time". It might have been going too far to call it "waste of time". Such attempt can give me an opportunity to change my own opinion, or at least to dig into my own thoughts. Above all the wording "waste of time" is rude to people I have discussed with.


Reward points equivalent to 7,000 Yen

The railway company which operates around my neighboring area issuers a credit card, of which I am a user. This card features reward points system. You are given reward points every time you use this card to make a purchase at supermarket, department store, and so on, under the  railway company. An IC card which you can use to take the trains and buses all over Japan is automatically recharged using this credit card. Recently more and more shops and facilities accept the IC card for payments. So almost every day I get the reward points of this credit card. Last month I received a notice from the issuer of the credit card that a part of reward points I had earned equivalent to about 7,000 Yen expires this June. So I went to a department store under the railway company to find what was about 7,000 Yen and I wanted. I was surprised that nothing that applies to the conditions was sold in the department store. After all, I used the reward points to buy groceries storable for a long time.


Waste of time

As far as I can remember, I have never succeeded in making someone change his or her opinion through discussion. I believe that it is the last thing I should try to do to change other people's mind. Those who can make other people change their opinion may become artists or politicians.


Talented girl

Today I "patrolled" our district for "crime prevention" with about 10 members of my squad of the residents' association, from 4 p.m. for about 20 minutes. A member of the committee in his thirties and his three daughters from about 5 to 10 years old also took part in the "patrol party". We had the daughters beat wooden clappers. The second daughter of about 6 years old was especially good at beating wooden clappers. I was impressed that some children showed a marked talent from very early age.


Harsh environment

In an IR report of a Japanese automobile manufacturer, the management used regrettably the expression " harsh operating environment" meaning the stagnation of general consumption. I felt something wrong with the expression. The stockholders put no responsibility on the management about general consumption. I don't think it's natural to apologize for what one has no responsibility with.


Inquirer of abandoned roads and railroads

Yesterday I found by chance a Web site which was authored by a man who was visiting remnants of abandoned roads and railroads across Japan. I couldn't stop reading its contents for hours despite various tasks I had to do. Not only the remnants he had visited was very interesting, but also his fertile insight and sensitivity was great.



I am reading a book written by a Japanese who worked as a staff of a United Nations organ and some NGOs engaged in the disarmament in Africa and Asia. One of the questions I had reading this book was whether we could call a boss of a military clique which had massacred thousands of people "a criminal". A criminal is a person who violated the law. Can a man be a criminal in a lawless situation?


My way of making a note

Last week when I had a previous arrangement with a marketing staff and a sales staff of an air-conditioner engineering company on our drive to the client company we had an interview with, the marketing staff saw my jottings and said "Your way of making a note is unique!"  Certainly I always make a note seemingly disorderly. I intentionally break the order in which people tell about things. That is because I don't believe the order in which people tell about things  coincides with the order in which the things should be written.



Last weekend when I visited Remains of Ota Residence, in Tomo, Hiroshima prefecture, a guide woman in her fifties or so said to me "You have very good posture!" Amusingly, she repeated to asked me "What line of work are you in? Are you a conductor of an orchestra, or a teacher?" Hearing that I was a writer, she went on asking "Doesn't it bend your back to write for many hours?" Although I felt embarrassed because I didn't think my posture was good, that was funny experience.


Link-like no-link

Sagami Railway's 11000 series trains have information displays inside above doors. The LCD displays show sometimes indications like link buttons. Of course you cannot click nor touch to open the next screen. These link like buttons with no link slightly irritate me.


Slow decline

Before the railroad was constructed through Sanyo region, Tomonoura was one of the most prosperous port town because it was located at the middle of Seto Inland Sea and the change point of the tide. After the railroad was opened, the town declined as the center of commerce, but the speed of decay was very slow, because the people of Tomonoura made good use of the brand power of its tourist attractions and industrial goods. I felt a peculiar dignity and ruin the slowness of decline had given to Tomonoura.


Visited an old and scenic port town

After having diner with Ms. Fujimori near Fukuyama Station yesterday, I put up at a hotel in Fukuyama City, and today went to Tomonoura to see the sights. Tomonoura is a port town facing Seto Inland Sea. It has the history of more than thirteen centuries, and boasts beautiful scenery of islets. I visited Sensuijima island, Fukuzenji Tempel's Taichoro guest room, an old-time former merchant house of Tomonoura, Tomonoura museum of history and folklore, Yodohime Shrine, the wharf, and Remains of Ota Residence. One of the most impressive was the proud with which the guide woman of the Remains of Ota Residence showed me round the residence.

On the ferryboat to Sensuijima island

At Sensuijima island

The ferryboat running between Tomo and Sensuijima

At Taichoro guest room

From the hilltop of the ruins of Tomo Castle

At the wharf

The old style bus running between Tomonoura and Fukuyama statioon


Went to Okayama, and Fukuyama

Commissioned to produce a publicity article of an engineering company, today I visited a hospital in Okayama, to have an interview with the head official and the deputy head official of the hospital. After I carried out the interview, I went to see Ms. Fujimori, the translator of "The Fountainhead" in Fukuyama. We had a great time talking about Ayn Rand with great dinner.


Late in succession

Today around 5:30 p.m. on my way to where the reading circle was held, the Odakyu Line I was taking got suspended for "an accident involving human body" (which implied resulting in injury or death) at Mukogaoka-Yuen-Mae Station. Last Monday evening on my way to where the martial arts practice was held, the Chuo Line I was taking got suspended for "an accident involving human body" at Yotsuya Station. For both cases I was late. I thought I should go out earlier when I had an appointment.


Fearful fearlessness

How decisively one refutes criticism he or she is given much depends on how fearless he or she is of the situation in which no one gives him or her criticism. The fearlessness people have about the criticism-free situation which their attitude toward criticisms against them will bring to them is fearful to me.


Evilness and dilemma

I don't think as highly of the intelligence of those who, when noticing a social evil, only ask "Who are to blame for that?", as that of those who further ask "What kind of dilemma are they caught in?". Because while the former people only wish someone of more competence and integrity to take the responsibility for that matter, the latter people imagine the possibility of taking the responsibility for that matter themselves.


Higher‐grade cameras

As an interviewer article writer I use Nikon D300 to take a photograph of the interviewees. Nikon D300 was put on the market November 2007, and is already discontinued. Compared with performance the newest models, that of D300 is not so good. I wish I could buy a higher‐grade camera, but it is difficult to demand a fee enough to buy such expensive cameras.


The discernment and the spirit

In a sense being normal as a person equals being able to be a leader in a community, small or large. To establish and maintain public order in a community, a leader must have both the discernment to judge the right behaviors on the spot and the spirit to use force in case of need without hesitation. Those who are short of the discernment tend to resort excessively to violence and violent language. Those who are short of the spirit tend to develop and advocate empty theories.


Appropriate use

Since a few years ago a sign sticker is put on the side or tail of ambulance cars which says, "Please use ambulance cars appropriately." Of course they mean "Don't use ambulance cars except for urgent case". But it is funny that we can also interpret they hope we might use ambulance cars once in a while.


Started to translate Wikipedia's Ayn Rand related articles

Today I started to translate Wikipedia's Ayn Rand related articles into Japanese. http://randreaders-tokyo.blogspot.jp/p/blog-page.html This week my switch of a translator was turned on when I prepared for a circle where we read Nassim Nicholas Taleb's "Antifragile". And my switch of Ayn Rand's work propagator in Japan was also turned on when I got a query e-mail about Ayn Rand from a director of one of the most authoritative documentary programs in Japan.


Get depressed about my meager ability

Today I took charge of the reporter at a reading circle, where  we are reading Nassim Nicholas Taleb's "Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder", and today's part was  the chapter 18: "On the Difference Between a Large Stone and a Thousand Pebbles". It was an interesting but difficult part to read, so it took me more hours than I expected to finish reading, and I couldn't have enough time to prepare the handout. My report was diffuse and confused. I was depressed about my meager ability to read books in English and to make pithy presentations.


The election is coming

The election of House of Councilors is going to be held this July. Today an incumbent councilor in her forties was delivering speech at a station square in my neighborhood.  Hearing her speech, I burst into laughter, because her voice, content of speech, way of speaking, body gesture, and everything perfectly lacked individuality. Probably thousands of candidates all over Japan was delivering virtually same speech with same voice and same gesture as she. I could not tell one from the other. She said what she wanted most was to leave bright future to children. Then did her opposing candidates want to leave dark future to children? She gave me no criteria for choice. That gave me enough reason to judge I should not choose her.


Attended a lecture about motion picture marketing

Today I attended a lecture about marketing using YouTube and TrueView in-stream ads. Recently such cases are increasing that I am commissioned by companies to make a motion picture of customer interview simultaneously with the interview article. I attended the lecture in the hope that it helped such interview motion picture making, and my hope was  satisfied. The lecture was also useful for the purpose of propagation of Ayn Rand's works in Japan. I right away wrote the scenario of the advertisement motion picture of Ayn Rand's works.


Which question is easier to answer?

As an interviewer, I always think how can I make my questions easier for interviewees to answer. Recently I am not certain which question imposes less burden on the minds of the interviewees, "What did you feel about that?" or "Was there anything you felt about that?".  As of the question itself, the former is simpler than the latter. But as of the answer, the latter is simpler than the former. The interviewee can answer the latter question by "Yes" or "No", but can't the former. I guess the fact that you can simply answer "No" lightens the intellectual burden of the latter question. So I would say the latter question is easier for interviewees to answer.


Inquired about Ayn Rand by one of the most authoritative documentary programs in Japan

Today I got e-mail from a director of "NHK Special", one of the most authoritative documentary programs in Japan, broadcasted every Sunday evening by NHK, the Japanese public broadcasting system. He inquired me about Ayn Rand. The director said that, making a program from a viewpoint of "the confrontation between the wealthy class and the states", they had met a rich person in U.S. who referred to "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand as the background of his or her thoughts. I hope thanks to the program many Japanese people will know Ayn Rand and read her novels.


Omnipresence of spreaders of perverted ideas

I learned these few years how easily people who are called "journalist", "teacher", " scholar", and so on spread perverted ideas unreasonably simplifying and exaggerating things. I started to doubt the contents of books written by journalists and scholars I read and believed when I was a child.


Does the called by the name use the name to call themselves?

Some names connote blame or applause. When we blame someone, we tend to call him or her by a name which connotes blame. When we applause someone, we tend to call him or her by a name which connotes applause. To be free from bias, we have to avoid using names which connote malice or favor, in other words, names which the called never use to call themselves. Especially when we argue on a group of people we dislike, we should ask ourselves "Does they use the name to call themselves?", and "What name do they use to call themselves?".


Protective tariff

Abolition of protective tariff makes life of a great majority of people richer, and that of those who are occupied in less competitive industries harder. Unless we are the power elite, there is almost nothing we can do to actually mitigate the hardship of the victims of tariff abolition. All we except for the power elites can do is improve the competitiveness of the products or services we provide. I respect the power elites who are trying to defend the tariff to protect those who are occupied in less competitive industries. But I despise those who are just criticizing abolition of tariff without trying to get the power and position only by which it is possible to protect the victims of the abolition of tariff.